Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing the Runway

its been months since i last sashayed down the runway and i really really miss working. i remember those days when i would get stressed with all our work but i kind of miss that feeling.. as i was watching videos over youtube i found a video of one of our fashionshows for Samsung Metrowear where i modeled for Mr. Ray Kuan, who is a really good designer from cebu..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bench Blackout 2008 Fashion Show

just recently, Bench Blackout 2008 was aired on Abs-Cbn's Sunday Night Special.. i watched it with my cousins and reminisced every moment that i have spent with my friends who were also included in the show. i remembered all the happy times during the rehersals, fittings and the show itself. this was the only time that we were all complete since our friend bridget migrated to canada already. she was here for a vacation so we all ended up doing the show.

i had great memories during the bench show and hopefully, after i give birth.. i'll get back in shape so that i could do the bench show this december. i hope that i will still be able to spend it with my friends since most of them are already out of the country modeling or working.

i found this video in youtube and luckily, i was standing infront of kim and gerald so i was included in the video hehehe..

and here are some pictures of my fond memories of Bench Blackout 2008..

Friday, July 24, 2009


i am sooooooooooooo HAPPY to be featured in oDesk's Buzzworthy fo july!! weee!!! i really really love working in oDesk!!! thanks so much!!!!

oDesk has made my life easier and it gave me a new perspective in life allowing me to be able to work from the comforts of my very own home. with this kind of job i am able to practice my skills in writing and at the same time allowing me to learn new things everyday. i have always been skeptic about online jobs because of the thousands of scams all over the net. oDesk proves to be one of the best online outsourcing company in the world wide web!!!!!

Bayanihan Culture of the Filipinos

i am not sure if i should call it "Bayanihan" but i really like it! its one paft of the filipino culture that is still present up to this date. our neighbor's daughter celebrated her 10th birthday today but they didn't have a party for her so her mom just cooked spaghetti. they gave us a huge bowl of spaghetti that we ended up having for afternoon snacks.

everytime there is an occasion among the neighbors, whether there is a party or not, food is passed around so that each house has thier own share of the food that the particular family cooked for their celebrant. whenever someone has a birthday in our house my mom always cooks several kilos of pancit or spaghetti to hand out to the neighbors.

this part of the filipino culture is present even in filipino communities outside the country, my aunt in canada would always cook something for her kid's birthday and give food to her fellow filipino neighbors and even to some of her canadian friends.

i just hope that this tradition will still be present in the next generations to come. this is something that we should all be proud of and should pass to our children..

Bayanihan - is a Filipino term taken from the word bayan, referring to a nation, town or community. The whole termbayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective.

The origin of the term bayanihan can be traced from a common tradition in Philippine towns where community members volunteer to help a family move to a new place. The process involves literally carrying the house to its new location. This is done by putting bamboo poles forming a strong frame to lift the stilts from the ground and carrying the whole house with the men positioned at the ends of each pole. A mural by Filipino National Artist Carlos "Botong" Francisco illustrates the process. The tradition also features a small fiesta hosted by the family to express gratitude to the volunteers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Earn and Work Online

yeah.. it's been a month since i started with oDesk and i am really happy that i got several jobs already and that "buyers" (that's what they call people who buy services over the net) are the ones initiating the interviews which means that i don't have to look for work because work is actually looking for me! hooray! ahhaah! here's a screenshot of my mose recent financial activity to prove that this site is not a scam ;)

these are feedback from very satisfied "buyers" ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ice Cream

Finally!! ICE CREAM ahihihhihhi! wah i missed eating ice creaaaaam!

i mixed banana with 3 in 1 plus 1 (happy kaarawan! heehhe) and topped it with milo! mmmmmm wow! i love this ice cream combination from selecta because it features my favorite flavors (mais, melon & pandan. i'm not a fan of ube..) call me bady but i really like the catchy tone of 3 in 1 plus 1's commercial..

Solar Eclipse

this is what it should look like from our country, too bad i didnt get to see it. when i woke up it was raining so hard and the sky was covered with clouds. the breeze was so cool so i decided to just go back to sleep again hihih! i just watched tv this afternoon and they showed images and videos of the eclipse. the next longest solar eclipse will be on 2031 that is like 20+ years from now. my sofia will be in college by then and i will be 50! eep! hehehe... till my next solar eclipse blog... hope this blog is still up when that time comes :)

i got this pic from Adit Chandra's Flickr Site. he has lots of really really nice photos there ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strange dream...

Cute Baby Pictures

I had the strangest dream.. i know that i am going to have a baby girl, but then the baby that i was holding in my dream was a baby boy and i was calling him "Sofiah"... we were playing together and he was laughing while i tease and tickle him (note: in my mind i knew that my baby is a girl) so we were playing together and i left him on the bed to get clothes because he was all naked.. then he touched his birdie and started to pee.. he was laughing while peeing because i was telling him to stop peeing.. then i woke up.

strage huh? and it felt so real! i thought that what was happening was real until i woke up and found out that i was only dreaming. i have been wishing for a baby boy that's why it manifested in my dream. i'm not sad that i'm having a baby girl tho because i know i will have lots of fun with a girl as my first baby..

i am just soooo excited! i want to see her already! ;)

Midnight Snack!

eep i know! i have been pigging out for the past months and i just hope i don't keep this up even after giving birth! i know that i have to eat in order for the baby to be healthy and to make up for staying up late and working hard.

i'm having sesame seed bread and kiri cream cheese! yum! i am eating while working (this is why i loooove my job so much hihi) and after finishing my food, i could go to sleep already. i always eat before i sleep so i won't wake up early because the baby keeps on kicking. i have noticed that the baby kicks wildly when she's hungry and when i eat yoghurt! lol

oh well, i'm almost done now.. nyty everybody!

my midnight snack..

my work area....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Missing my Bebehhssss

i have been friends with mel and amy for several years now and we are used to spending almost everyday together. we do fashion shows together, watch movies, go clubbing and just spend quality time with one another. we make sure to take care of one another and be there if someone has a problem. i've had some very wonderful memories with these girls in boracay, butuan, cagayan de oro, hongkong and macau.

we share thoughts, secrets and problems about love, family and life in general. we are so close to one another that its hard for us to be away from one another. but that's reality and we can't do anything about it. i know that these factors won't affect our friendship because even if you don't get to spend time with each other that much, that special bond between the three of us will always be there.

now that i am pregnant, i don't get to go out that much and i don't get to do fashion shows anymore. amy on the other hand is in macau and she's working there. hopefully she'll be back by the end of this month and i am sooooo excited to see her!!! its been months since i last saw the both of them. melissa on the other hand is busy with doing fashion shows, traveling around and taking care of her mom. although i get to talk to her on the phone i still miss spending quality time with her.

these girls are two of my most treasured friends (i have so many that i will have to write about soon ;) ) and i miss them so much! they have a huge impact in my life and i know that i will never ever have other friends like them. i love you amy and mel!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

FHM 100th Issue

just last year FHM Philippines launched their 100th issue and i was included in that issue. every year for two consecutive years already, Master Facial Care got us to model for them every year (07'-08') the client asked me to pose for FHM as thier model for the 100th issue. i made it clear that i was not going to do anything too "whorish". i also didnt want it to look "too sexy" and they agreed so i posed for them. this year, the client contacted me again to model for them during this year's FHM 100 Sexiest. too bad i was already pregnant and i was not able to do the show. they asked me in advance if i could model for them next time after i give birth and i gladly said yes. i would use that as my goal to get back in shape even before that event comes..

as of now i can't do anything but just walk every once in a while so i don't get bloated. i also need to try and do some exercise so i won't have a hard time giving birth. as soon that my sofiah is out, i will go to the gym and work my ass off so i could get back in shape and maybe join Philippine Fashion Week '09 Summer Collection ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Having been stick thin the most of my life, being pregnant is such a different experience... My tummy didnt really start showing up until I was on my 5th month of pregnancy. Most of my friends even joked about me just imagining that I was pregnant. But now things are different and soon my life will change... soon my little girl is coming out! woot! woot!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Opening a BDO Account

I have been maintaining my Metrobank account for several years now and I am really satisfied with their service. I want to open an account in BDO because there's a branch just right outside our village and it's really accessible. Plus I have a dollar account on that bank with my dad and a checking with my mom so I want to open an ATM account where I can store my earnings from my online job. I need to be able to keep track of what I am earning online so I can prove to my parents that working online is not a bad idea after all ;)

So I surfed BDO's website to look for certain requirements that I need in order to open an account with them but unfortunately they didn't include any information about what I need to bring in order to open an account with them. Good thing there are people who are kind enough to blog about it and here's what I found..

Reuirements needed to open an account for BDO:
  • Any TWO Primary IDs or ONE Primary and TWO Secondary IDs. Original and photocopy (front and back portion) of IDs
  • 1×1 or 2×2 ID picture (2 pieces)
  • Residence must be within the Branch area and with telephone line. If without telephone line, workplace should be within the Branch area and must present an Original Certificate of Employment.

  • Philippine Passport
  • Foreign Passport with English characters/translations (and the holder must have residence address in the Philippines)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Driver’s License with validated Official Receipt from LTO
  • PRC ID with License
  • Green Card
  • Company ID
  • Student ID (Current Year) / School Registration Form
  • New Social Security System (SSS) ID with picture
  • New TIN card
  • Locally issued Credit Card with Picture
  • Senior Citizens ID

  • Foreign ID with picture issued by the country of origin
  • Philippine Postal ID
  • Firearms License with picture
  • NBI Clearance with picture
  • Voter’s ID
  • Barangay Clearance with picture and dry seal
  • Police Clearance with picture and dry seal
  • POEA card with picture
  • OFW card with picture

  • 2 valid IDs of Parent/s or Guardian
  • 1×1 ID picture of the Parent/s or Guardian and Child
  • Original and Photocopy of Child’s Birth Certificate
thanks so much to Raych for this valuable info.... and please visit her Blog for more interesting articles about different kinds of stuff ;)

additional information that I got from BDO's website:

Minimum Initial Deposit, Minimum ADB (Average Daily Balance) and Minimum Balance to Earn Interest for various account types

my further quest for information led me to finding out that BDO had Internet Banking!

BDO Retail Internet Banking


With just a click of a mouse, access your accounts and do banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

With BDO Retail Internet Banking (RIB) you may:

  • Inquire the balance of your CA/SA, Time Deposit, Cash Card, Credit Cards, Consumer
    Loan Account, and Trust Account.
  • Inquire the transaction history of your bank accounts.
  • Transfer funds online to other BDO bank accounts or Cash Card accounts
    (Pre-enrollment of all destination accounts is required).
  • Schedule post-dated and recurring payment of bills to over 130 merchants.
    click to view list of merchants)
  • Reload your Globe and Touch Mobile.
  • Reorder Checkbooks.
  • Request for Stop Payment Orders on issued checks online.
  • Request for International and Domestic Telegraphic Transfers online.
  • Inquire the balance of your BDO Credit Cards.

Enroll now!

Go to
https://www.mybdo.com.ph, fill-out, print, sign and submit the online enrollment form to the BDO branch nearest you.

whoa I didn't know that?!? I was so excited that I clicked on the BDO Retail Internet Banking link and signed up right away without even reading about it first only to find out at the end of the registration that I cannot enroll for their online account inless I have an existing account with them.. toinks!!!

so now I really have to go to the BDO branch near our house so I could open an account already and enroll in their internet banking! adios!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

First trimester preggy pics ;)

I have been modeling for 10 years now and this is the first time I stopped modeling because I am pregnant. I was still able to do fashion shows while 3 months pregnant and I wanted to continue doing it until I am on my 5th but the doctor advised me to stop because I need to rest and to avoid wearing really high heels. I just miss working and walking down the runway.... its a good thing that my online job with odesk has been keeping me busy and it keeps my mind off the long wait for my precious to arrive..

sashaying down that runway was never an easy job. it required countless hours of rehersals on the venue, whether that venue is airconditioned or under direct sunlight or whether we are going to do the program with dancers or we have a choreography with other models. we also have to attend castings and fittings so its really takes up my time and i have to travel all the way to makati or sometimes even to ortigas and all over the qc area just to do all that. so since this is my first baby, i'm really doing my best to be careful and not tire myself so the baby won't be harmed or anything.

before i stopped from modeling, i was still able to do several shows while i was already on my first trimester of being pregnant. my tummy wasn't that big yet so i was still able to do shows for avon intimates and penshoppe red logo. summer was already on its way when i last worked as a model so most of the shows were either lingerie or swimsuit and yes.... the clients still got me to work for them (they didn't know of course that i was already pregnant that time, i didn't want them to worry about me since one of the shows i did was an out-of-town show in marinduque!) so here are some of my first trimester preggy pictures...

Penshoppe "Red Logo" show.... my first preggy pic @ 3 months ;)

Launch of a new wing in Market! Market!

Avon Intimate Apparel Bella Rocca Show @ Bella Rocca Marinduque (i was 3months pregnant when i did this show)

Martha Stewart Weddings @ World Trade Center wearing a Frederick Peralta wedding gown


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