Sunday, November 28, 2004


i'm not really sure how to do this but i'm going to give it a try since i used to keep my own journal when i was still in high school.

here goes....

well i had a looooong day!

5:45 get ready
6:00 hear mass with parents & cuz
7:20 eat lugaw sa BF
7:50 get newspapers
8:00 go home
8:10 talk to mom
8:30 sleep again :D
12:00 wake up and eat lunch
12:40 surf the net
1:00 take a bath
1:20 go to dutyfree with parents
5:00 get home from dutyfree
5:10 go to bon's place to fix ate ellaine's hair and make-up
6:30 voila! ate ellaine is done! (and i'm soooo tired)
7:00 go with them to makati
7:30 pass by saga office in shaw to drop off the cocktail dress and accessories
8:20 eat diner
9:10 meet ate ellaine
10:00 go home
11:00 clean my face
11:10 surf the net!!!

hayyyy..........after MTV Fashionista i'm still very busy.

i'll be spending Christmas and New Year with my beloved parents in Boracay!!! weeee!!!


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