Monday, July 20, 2009

Missing my Bebehhssss

i have been friends with mel and amy for several years now and we are used to spending almost everyday together. we do fashion shows together, watch movies, go clubbing and just spend quality time with one another. we make sure to take care of one another and be there if someone has a problem. i've had some very wonderful memories with these girls in boracay, butuan, cagayan de oro, hongkong and macau.

we share thoughts, secrets and problems about love, family and life in general. we are so close to one another that its hard for us to be away from one another. but that's reality and we can't do anything about it. i know that these factors won't affect our friendship because even if you don't get to spend time with each other that much, that special bond between the three of us will always be there.

now that i am pregnant, i don't get to go out that much and i don't get to do fashion shows anymore. amy on the other hand is in macau and she's working there. hopefully she'll be back by the end of this month and i am sooooo excited to see her!!! its been months since i last saw the both of them. melissa on the other hand is busy with doing fashion shows, traveling around and taking care of her mom. although i get to talk to her on the phone i still miss spending quality time with her.

these girls are two of my most treasured friends (i have so many that i will have to write about soon ;) ) and i miss them so much! they have a huge impact in my life and i know that i will never ever have other friends like them. i love you amy and mel!


acey said...

beautiful ladies!

you're blessed to have wonderful friends, paulette. <3

Paulette said...

yeah acey, they're the best!

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