Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My First Monthsary with oDesk!

hahahaah! yeah i know this sounds funny but what the heck! I have already formed a good working relationship with my "buyers" here in oDesk and I just want to celebrate my first month of working with them by working overtime today!

as much as I would want to celebrate it by eating ice cream and cake and chocolates and..... waaaaaaaah! i know i can't! ;( its okay... coz my ever loving mom cooked some "delicious puto" and i'll just pretend that its chocolate flavored hehehe... it was sooo good that I was able to finish 5! eeep! so much for my diet regimen heheh

for those friends I encouraged to join odesk, here are several screenshots of my first time in withdrawing my salary from odesk and paypal:

Walkthrough on oDesk Withdrawal:

Choose the withdrawal window from Odesk:

Select paypal withdrawal method:

Select amount to be withdrawn:

withdrawal confirmation from oDesk

withdrawal from oDesk is reflected in your account window

Walkthrough on Paypal Withdrawal:

oDesk payment reflected on my paypal account:

select the withdraw to bank account option:
select the bank account where you want your money to be transferred the amount you want to withdraw:

here the are minimum withdrawal amounts for paypal:

review your withdrawal:
paypal automatically deposits peso to your bank account so they included the exchange rate your transaction page

pending bank transfer as reflected on paypal:

transfer to your bank account reflected in paypal:

now that I have completed the withdrawal steps from oDesk to paypal to my bank account, I can withdraw the money from my bank to buy ice cream! :D hehehe


Pachugong said...

Congratz.. Thanks for the information. Give me some ice cream.. WOW !!! BLOW out.. he he

Jun said...

blow out...blow out.. he he

CONGRATZ tsang..

Jun said...

blow out...blow out.. he he

CONGRATZ tsang..

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