Friday, August 14, 2009

Are we close?

Sorry we're CLOSE!

i saw this in a store in butuan, agusan del norte while having coffee... pinoy nga naman talaga... hehehehe

Thursday, August 13, 2009

700 Club Asia

My 700 Club Asia Experience....

ony of my good friends called me up and asked me if they could do an interview with me for a local tv show... he said that it was about the modeling industry so i said yes.. i didn't even ask my friend where it was going to be shown because i trusted him and i know he wouldn't exploit me in any way lol..

so he asked to meet me up in makati and we talked about the details of the interview. that's when i found out that they are going to interview me for 700 Club Asia.. he said that they were featuring people who were not lured by the "evils" of the industry...

he asked me if i ever posed for any men's magazine and i told him that i did once (for FHM) but i made sure that it didn't look sleazy in any way.. i was the one who picked my swimsuit and made sure that i looked decent.. its a great thing that i was stick thin that time so even if i tried to look sexy in the picture, i knew it wouldn't happen hehehe... (i think i'm sexy in a more sporty way lol)

he aslo asked me several questions about those "models" that use their bodies to earn money.. and i told him that modeling is just a job for me.. i mean, i didn't really have to work or anything so i can have a good life.. it just so happened that i like what i'm doing and i'm earning good money from it. so this qualified me for the interview and we set a schedule on when they are going to interview me...

come the day of the interview, they made me sit down infront of the camera and there were several lights in front of me and i was sweating like hell lol.. yeah i was nervous! they focused the camera on my face but they told me to just ignore it and talk to the interviewer casually.. i didnt and i think i did good! :D i talked about the values that my mom instilled in me so i was able to stay away from the "evil" things that wre present within the fashion industry.. then after the interview, the people who interviewed me made me sit in one area and did a "prayover" to keep me and my famile safe..

i watched this with my mom and she was laughing the whole time because she can see in my face that i was nervous while being interviewed lol.. it was a very nice experience and i am so glad to share my story to other people who want to be models so they could keep their values intact and avoid "evils" of the industry....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gimmick Nights of Preggybells

being the gimmickera that i am, i couldn't resist the urge not to go out and party with my friends. lol.. although i made sure that we didn't go any enclosed areas where people smoke so i was basically safe from being a second hand smoker.. i know i couldn't drink and my friends won't let me so i opted to have dessert and mango juice (and just pretended that it is mixed with vodka hahaha) i just enjoyed the company and the stories that i shared with friends.. soon after sofifi comes out ill once again be able to try the sweet taste of vodka.. ahhhhh...

UBE night at Oody's Greenbelt

Get together at Nlo's BF Homes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

my good friend and writer for business mirror Charlize Legaspi tagged me in these photos that she uploaded in facebook describing the people she has met, worked with and looked up to in fashion. her album was titled "FRIENDSHIP IS ALWAYS IN FASHION" which is very true.

although lots of people in this industry are considered plastics and social climbers, its not hard to spot the "real" ones and once you find them they will be your friends for life ;) i'm so glad that i have never encountered any problems with other models, designers or fashion directors. there might be occasional "tampo moments" because i was not able to attend their parties etc. but nothing really personal.

this pictures took me back in time..i remember how cold it was that day and my co model, stefano who was a brazilian was shivering after he took a dip in the pool for another layout that he did for the magazine. i was cold but i can handle it since i wasn't wet lol.. i had a great time working with charlize and the designers that were featured on this issue and i hope to be working with them again after i give birth so sofifi..

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sting Enery drink!

this commercial never failed to make me laugh.. my friend Artstrong Clarion starrred in this funny commercial.. i like the way they did the commercial and i like the way artsrtong danced to the tune od MC hammer's U Can't Touch This! hahaha....

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sofiah Alexei... In my womb

that's going to be her name.. isn't she the cutest? i wanted to cry the first time i saw her in the ultrasound machine monitor... she's so big already and i cant wait to see her!! i am just so impressed with the technology behind these 4d ultrasounds because you can see everything that your baby is doing inside your tummy! i even saw her yawn! i can't describe what i feel now, i'm just so happy and so excited to have her by my side.

this will be available 10-15 days from the time i visited their office for my ultrasound session. i can't wait to see the video again and would upload it here in my blog ;)

i got a ruby package in In My Womb ultrasound centre. my pagkage included:

* 20-30 minutes 2D, 3D, 4D session
* 5 high-resolution B & W 3D superior quality thermal photos of facial images
* 5 high-resolution COLORED 3D superior quality thermal photos of facial images
* Diagnostic comprehensive OB-GYN report *
* Gender determination of 99 - 100% accuracy
* Free return visit for rescan within 14 days from the time package was availed if baby is not cooperative during your session (just show your official receipt)
* Personalized audio-video edited DVD

this will be available 10-15 days from the time i visited their office for my ultrasound session. i can't wait to see the video again and would upload it here in my blog ;)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Loyalty Award

thanks so much jenny for giving me this loyalty award! hihih this is the first time i have received anything like this ;) i don't know what to say... i'm speechless! haha! thakns gurl!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Proud to be Pinoy!

whenever i check the page requests and other events in my facebook accounts i usually just click on the ignore button.. but this page which was suggested by Mr. Revo Naval caught my eye... it was this P500 peso bill that had Tita Cory and Ninoy's pic... i thought it was really sweet (being the hopeless romantic that i am... ) because they were reunited with each other even in a form of a monetary unit.. but what really caught me was that they both fought for the same thing which was for the Filipino people to be free from dictatorship and for democracy to be once again felt by our countrymen. i would support this cause to put Tita Cory in our money because she is considered to be one of the modern heroes of our country.

although i was still very young when the EDSA Revolution happened, vivid images of how people got together to fight for our freedom flashed back in my mind.. i really really wanted to go out on the streets to catch a glimpse of our former president's casket... too bad that i am pregnant and my mom told me that i'd be crazy if i go out in the rain and try to push my way through those throng of people wanting to see the same thing.... i didn't want to hurt myself or my baby so i just decided to stay at home and watch tv.. i saw pictures taken by a friend and i felt the emotions that were present in those pics so i wanted to share it here... these pictures were taken by Mr. Sonny Espiritu

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Paalam Tita Cory...

all day i've been watching tv... wanting to go out and join those people who were waiting for the funeral convoy of former Pres. Corazon Aquino. i didn't think that i won't get this affected but i ended up crying (like my mom and cousins) because the eulogy of the people who talked about how good the former President is really touched everybody's heart. i understand why people are so deeply affected with her death, she had been one of the main reasons why the Philippines was able to get out of Marshall Law. She has always been an icon of Philippine Democracy and non-traditional politician. She was more than just a President to our country, she was a Mother to every Filipino. It's just so sad that she had to pass away so early but we all have to accept it because everybody will go through that cycle in life. As Kris Aquino said, she is already with her one and only love former Senator Benigno Aquino Sr. I hope and I pray that she will be with our creator and savior so she can pray for our country, the Philippines. Goodbye and Thanks Tita Cory! we will all miss you...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Childhood memories

1. Ever favorite nursery rhyme: itsy bitsy spider
2. Pet name: “Pau-pau” and “tangkad”
3. Favorite treat: chocolate cake from goldilocks or red ribbon
4. Milk in your bottle/Sippy cup you miss most: milo
5. Favorite TV show: batibot
6. Place you love your parents take you the most: manila zoo
7. Adult thing you used to mimick: facial reactions and mannerisms
8. Most embarrassing to recall: taking my baby bottle to school (kinder)
9. Game with a sib you reminisce most: sungka
10. Most unforgettable candy you used to take: bazooka

one of my blog friends "jenie" tagged me in her post.. i don't really know about how this works but i just decided to give it a try ;)

this post made me reminisce my childhood memories and made me think of really good things so i am passing this tag to those who might want to reminisce their own chilhood memories... just link me back if you do ;)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Pyjama Party!

I was so touched when my friends visited me here are home and brought me some "cute baby clothes" for my soon to be born baby girl.. i had a great time talking and catching up with stories about lots of stuff. then we had merienda that nanay cooked for us before we turned the videoke machine on for another round of videoke a la american idol contest. heheh! they spent the night here at home and i stayed up till dawn because our stories were endless... i missed them so much! thanks Veejay, Yako, Nep and Aleq! Muah!


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