Friday, October 31, 2008

busy as a bee..

its already the 31st of oct and the last day of the month so i decided to blog (eventhough i had a very bad bad bad day)..

....yes a VERRRRY BAD DAY! haiz! imagine missing your flight and having to pay another 3k for rebooking for waiting for youre super slow to the maxxx friends to arrive at the airport. i had to wait for them because they had my ticket. arrrgh! well it was partly my fault.. i was too lazy to print a new one and just opted to wait for my friends.. arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! if only... haiz!

well were leaving in a while so i have to go and get ready...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Davines Hair Show

its been ages since i last posted on my blog.. ive been super busy to the max and i didnt really have time to write about the things that happened to me. so now that i have the chance to write, ill blog about my latest fashion show...

life as a model isnt glamorous all the time.. just imagine being painted all white and you hair being pinned in all angles with those big hairballs and hair braids. the white make up was soo itchy and i wouldnt come off our faces and body. the hairstylist (Lourd Ramos of Emphasis) started doing my hair at around 10am but the show wont start until around 7! well at first the pins and the weight of the hair extensions that was pinned to my real hair was not bothering me but as the endorphins in my body started to go down i felt my scalp start to ache. by the time the show started i was really tired and i had a king size migraine!

the show ended in a snap.. it was like waiting forever for the show and it just happens so quickly... i fell sad that we didnt have longer time to show the hair to all those people who was probably wondering which hair was real and how it clung to our heads like that..

as soon as i got home i still had a dilemma which was the body makeup.. eventhough i was tired i had to take a bath to remove the makeup.. after taking a bath i just took vitamins and went straight to bed...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Search is on for the Next Filipina Supermodel!

10 years of Beauty
10 years of Glamour
10 years of Global Supermodel Success as we celebrate the
10th annual Supermodel of the World Philippines.

Join Runway Productions in their search for the next Filipina Supermodel!

If you are natural born Filipina, at least 14 years of age, with clear skin, impressive bone structure and proportional body measurements, this is your chance to represent the Philippines in the Supermodel World Finals with a shot at a the grand prize of a US $ 250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models Inc. New York.

Apply now at

For more info, contact the Supermodel Secretariat at + 632 844 0350.

The 10th annual Ford Models' Supermodel of the World Philippines is presented by
Runway Productions, Ford Models Inc. New York, CalCarrie's International Models Philippines, Mode+L, and EsAc Sydney Manila New York.

  • Charo Ronquillo (born 1988) is a Filipino model. Dubbed the Asian Kate Moss.[1] She is the first in the entire 25 year history of the Ford Supermodel of the World Search selected from the far east. She was described by Bill Ford as, "that unique look from the Philippines".[2]

  • 1st Filipina and 1st Asian to become a 3rd place winner in Ford's Supermodel of the World contest (2005)
she is one filipina that we can all be proud of! she now lives and works full-time as a model in new york and is tagged as "asia's kate moss" so to those aspiring to become a supermodel here's your chance at fame!


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