Thursday, November 01, 2012

Back to reality...

Today i'm flying back to Macau after a monthlong vacation/business trip/medical trip in Manila. I am not sure tho how I should feel knowing that I'll be leaving my little girl once again.. This time leaving is much harder specially when she can already express what she feels and that is for me to stay home. Someday my little girl you will understand what this is all about and that mommy is just making sure that you have a good future.

Being a mom is not an easy task specially when you are doing your mommy duties online. Thanks to the technology now at least i get a glimpse of how she grows up despite my physical absence and at the same time she gets to bond with mommy over skype. 

I can't wait to finally come home and be with her again... soon

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hidden Chronicles?

Is this a scene from the famous facebook zynga game Hidden Chronicles where you look for hidden items in a messy setting? Ummm. No, this is actually my room! i just came from senado square abd new yaohan to do some shopping and groceries as well. Also add the fact that i dont get to tidy up my room because i have been so busy with work and all...

Thursday, February 02, 2012


talk about bad days... yes in my vocabulary i call it shitty day! actually ever since 2012 started my days have been shittier than usual... im not being pessimist about this but i may say i was already counting my blessings and still the bad ones overpower the good ones... dejavu? i dont know.. my 2011 started a bit shitty too but it didnt last for long... i hope for the same this year of the dragon.

so much for my first day of the "Love Month"..

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012 Resolutions

countless times I have explicitly expressed how I want to write again and during those times I have failed.. .. one thing is for sure... I keep coming back hoping and trying (tho not my best) to go back to writing so now here I am back on my writing mode... ready to start blogging AGAIN!

Looking back at my 2011 which I can say is quite full of drama.. yeah DRAMA! but nevertheless I had fond memories of a year away from my family... most specially my daughter.

I am proud to announce that I was able to accomplish some of my 2011 Resolutions which are:
1. Quit Smoking > hell yeah!
2. Lessen my Alcohol intake > well I can't completely avoid it but at least I don't drink that much anymore
3. Work out > i did it for half a year.. when winter came just like water I froze too.. but yeah ill go back to working out
4. Work Hard > yes i did! and after my 2nd month at work i got promoted... this year i am waiting for another promotion.. hopefully!

Things that I was not able to do are:
1. eat healthy > canteen food? i doubt it!
2. sleep early > nah! facebook wouldn't let me!
3. poo regularly > hehehe i know! its gross! but it's true!
4. read more > i always read.. but i dont get to finish anything!

so far that's pretty much it.. i'm not really the type to make all those resolutions and not be able to do it so i only made a few and i'm glad that at least i was able to accomplish half...

and for 2012, i will include a few more from the ones that i was not able to do last year:

1. Write More! > writing is my therapy.... it will help
2. Exercise regularly > at least 2x a week
4. try to get more sleep..

so let's see how i can manage to do all that...


Kotts - Friday, April 3, 2009

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