Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First 3 weeks of working in Odesk

Until now, i still can't believe that i'm actually earning online.. i have joined lots of survey sites and get paid to click site but none of them really worked. Most of those sites just ask for referrals and it will take years for you to actually earn something. i have tried google adsense but i'm still confused on how it works and i don't really have a particular market to cater to since i'm just blogging personal experiences and nothing more. everytime that something new happens to my account or my work area in odesk i get really excited and enthusiastic about working harder!

Here's a screen shot of my financial activities for the first three weeks of working in Odesk..

A screen shot of the withdrawal methods available for odesk.


Raft3r said...

dami developments dito, ah

congrats on the pregnancy

tapos blowout naman sa unang online sahod mo

ingat dyan

Paulette said...

hahaha! salamat tsong! :D

oo bah pag nakuha ko na :D

Besonia said...

Hey, you're featured on Odesk's Buzzworthy!

Congrats, pinay!


Ate V said...

Congratulations! I share the same excitement and enthusiasm working online at oDesk...keep up the good work. God bless!

Ate V (http://odeskmommy.wordpress.com)

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