Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hidden Chronicles?

Is this a scene from the famous facebook zynga game Hidden Chronicles where you look for hidden items in a messy setting? Ummm. No, this is actually my room! i just came from senado square abd new yaohan to do some shopping and groceries as well. Also add the fact that i dont get to tidy up my room because i have been so busy with work and all...

Thursday, February 02, 2012


talk about bad days... yes in my vocabulary i call it shitty day! actually ever since 2012 started my days have been shittier than usual... im not being pessimist about this but i may say i was already counting my blessings and still the bad ones overpower the good ones... dejavu? i dont know.. my 2011 started a bit shitty too but it didnt last for long... i hope for the same this year of the dragon.

so much for my first day of the "Love Month"..

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012 Resolutions

countless times I have explicitly expressed how I want to write again and during those times I have failed.. .. one thing is for sure... I keep coming back hoping and trying (tho not my best) to go back to writing so now here I am back on my writing mode... ready to start blogging AGAIN!

Looking back at my 2011 which I can say is quite full of drama.. yeah DRAMA! but nevertheless I had fond memories of a year away from my family... most specially my daughter.

I am proud to announce that I was able to accomplish some of my 2011 Resolutions which are:
1. Quit Smoking > hell yeah!
2. Lessen my Alcohol intake > well I can't completely avoid it but at least I don't drink that much anymore
3. Work out > i did it for half a year.. when winter came just like water I froze too.. but yeah ill go back to working out
4. Work Hard > yes i did! and after my 2nd month at work i got promoted... this year i am waiting for another promotion.. hopefully!

Things that I was not able to do are:
1. eat healthy > canteen food? i doubt it!
2. sleep early > nah! facebook wouldn't let me!
3. poo regularly > hehehe i know! its gross! but it's true!
4. read more > i always read.. but i dont get to finish anything!

so far that's pretty much it.. i'm not really the type to make all those resolutions and not be able to do it so i only made a few and i'm glad that at least i was able to accomplish half...

and for 2012, i will include a few more from the ones that i was not able to do last year:

1. Write More! > writing is my therapy.... it will help
2. Exercise regularly > at least 2x a week
4. try to get more sleep..

so let's see how i can manage to do all that...


Kotts - Friday, April 3, 2009

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