Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i guess destiny finds its own way of changing your life.... i've been praying for enlightenment.... and because i am blessed i got my answer almost instantly... yeah of course i got shocked but then like i said "destiny finds its own way of changing your life".... so here i am... hurt and weak... struggling to walk on my own feet... wobbling because this is actually the first time that i am going to learn how to walk on my own... scared? hell yeah!... but what can i do? i wont be able to go places unless i know to walk on my own...

for the past 6 years i've been walking on the ramp and yet i am not sure if i can walk through the path of life...ampness! i dont know... i'm so lost! dang! i'm not thinking properly... actually, i wasnt thinking at all... well what's new? here i am again... swimming across an ocean without knowing where to go... tsk... soup!
m sleepy... tired and my head hurts a lot but i cant sleep... i'm so stressed out... i'm leaving...soon

Thursday, November 23, 2006

back from the paradise.....

work again! just got back from boracay yesterday... went straight to work and after writing this blog i'll be fixing my stuff so i can go to work again...

Ponds launched thier newest product... we were there to witness how thier new product would change the lives of ageing people out there... there are lots of beauty products out in the market right now it wouldnt hurt trying this product (specially when its free... hehe!) there were celebs and personalities who attended the event and we had so much fun mingling with the people and drinking rosseti! :D

here are some of our pictures from last night...
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ponds girls... charmaine, me & eve

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me with my good friend rei

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us girls with rei

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hi paui

There are times in our lives when we must accept inevitable
change and allow things to come to a natural end.


The Judgment card is often referred to as a time of
resurrection and awakening, a time when a phase or period
of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic
new beginnings.

It may be that a long-term relationship or marriage has had
its time and whilst it may feel painful to accept this
finality, the Judgment card is saying try and accept that
this is a time of fast-moving, positive change and action
for you.

Whether it’s the end of a career, a time when your children
have flown the nest, or a turn of events that make you wish
your life was different, this card represents karmic change
and it indicates that bigger and better things are yet to
come into your life.

Quite often, fantastic events and opportunities follow sad
and difficult challenges and this card can represent any
events that may feel like ‘Judgment Day’ has come. Changes
that may be indicated upon the appearance of this card can
be significant, so this would not be a time for regret and
fear but a time for courage and rejoicing in what you have
achieved and what you are yet to achieve.

Your life may well pick up a pace when this card appears,
so whatever future possibilities are indicated in your
reading, these events may happen quite quickly.

If the Judgment card comes up in a reading about legal
issues, it is a positive sign that any ruling will be in
your favor. However, if this card is surrounded by negative
cards, it may indicate legal battles ahead and the
possibility of having a ruling made against you

In general readings, if this card is surrounded by negative
cards, it could be that the swift conclusions foretold by
the positive aspect of this card may be delayed. This can
mean that you are fearful of such significant change and
may be ignoring opportunities that may well promise a
brighter future.

I also feel that when this card comes up, it’s important to
use your own judgment wisely and not to judge yourself too
harshly. It is a signal for you to open your heart and mind
to accept that all things come to an end and nothing lasts
forever, yet for each ending there is always a new

Embrace such significant and inevitable change and a whole
new world of opportunity can unfold for you – the Judgment
card is a calling for you to be all that you can be.

Love and Joy,

Monday, November 13, 2006


Hi paui

The Death Card has to be the one card in the Tarot deck that most,
if not all, people fear seeing in a reading, and yet it isn’t
as dark and macabre as one might think, which is why some
Tarot readers have renamed this card ‘Transformation’.


How would you feel if I was to say ‘Oh look, you are about
to experience a transformation in your life’? Would you be
as spooked as if you simply saw the Death card as your
outcome card?

I am in the process of creating the Lotus Tarot deck and I
will be naming this card ‘Transformation’ because I believe
it portrays the true meaning of this card far better and
without evoking the chills that the title ‘Death’ card does.

When the ‘Death’ card appears in a reading, the most common
thought is that it is predicting a physical death, that
someone is going to die. This, in most, if not all, cases
is highly unlikely.

I cannot speak for all Tarot readers, but I personally do
not use this card to represent a physical death. For me,
the Death card represents an event or series of events or
circumstances that may cause great disruption and possible
upset, but which make transformation in its many forms

I am not a medium or clairvoyant, but I do use the Tarot
cards to help give men and women around the world some
insights into their own situations and to look at their
lives from a different perspective. Let me give you some
examples: one of the greatest blows any of us can receive,
man or woman, is when we fall utterly in love with someone
only to be rejected and left alone. Many of you may have
had such an experience and it can feel like your world has
fallen apart.

Such incidences can create transformational change within
us, changing our outlook and our approach to love and
relationships. For example, if someone, who didn’t love
you, lets you go, it can open up a whole new set of
circumstances and opportunities for you.

There have been numerous case histories of people who have
been bankrupt and who have lost everything only to change
course and tactics and go on to achieve great success.

For me, the end of something, whether it be a relationship,
job, career or lifestyle is only the sign that it is time
for something new to be created. If I am no longer in that
relationship, I am free to pursue new love. If I have lost
my job, I am free to look for a better one and so on.

The tale of the Phoenix sums up the meaning of the Death
card quite well, where a bird dies in the flames only to
emerge and fly out of the fire transformed into something
far greater.

So don’t fear the Death card when it appears. Take it as a
sign that something in your life may come to an end. The
transition may be challenging but as the end comes to pass
a new beginning will present itself.

Love and Joy,

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hi paui

Life can be fair and just, and justice will be served if
logic, fairness and a sound sense of judgment prevails.

The Justice card, needless to say, often represents legal
issues or events; most traditional Tarot cards feature the
sword and scales. When this card appears in a reading
concerning legal affairs such as divorce proceedings,
alimony payments or any legal battle, it is normally a
positive sign that any ruling will be in your favor.

The card can also represent contracts and agreements so,
again, it can be a good omen for business deals and

It is a card that suggests you seek or give sound advice
based on cool logic and reason. In other words, it is best
not to allow unruly emotions to influence you in any
situation where legal issues are a concern.

In a situation where the Justice card is surrounded by
negative cards, it can mean that an injustice could be
experienced or that a legal ruling may go against you.
Tread carefully when such cards come up and certainly seek
wise counsel. It would be best not to make any hasty or
impulsive decisions when such a reading comes up.

In relation to business deals or proposals, negative cards
around the Justice card could mean you may be unsuccessful
in securing a deal or contract. Here too, it would be wise
to seek further advice and exercise caution.

However, there is a greater or deeper meaning to the
Justice card beyond its legal ramifications. It is deemed
a very karmic card, a card of adjustment and fairness at a
more spiritual level.

When it appears in your reading, it can mean that if you
have been the victim of ill will or misfortune, the wrong
will be put right and fate will turn in your favor. Issues
of honesty, integrity and idealism are paramount when this
card appears.

Love and Joy,

Thursday, November 02, 2006


its halloween and i'm at home! geeeez i cant believe it... heheheh... starting this nov i'm going to try to blog more often. and enuff of the dramas! gawd! i'm sick and tired of ranting and ranting! things are going to really change from now on! promise! (ate luds! hehe)


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