Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Snack!

eep i know! i have been pigging out for the past months and i just hope i don't keep this up even after giving birth! i know that i have to eat in order for the baby to be healthy and to make up for staying up late and working hard.

i'm having sesame seed bread and kiri cream cheese! yum! i am eating while working (this is why i loooove my job so much hihi) and after finishing my food, i could go to sleep already. i always eat before i sleep so i won't wake up early because the baby keeps on kicking. i have noticed that the baby kicks wildly when she's hungry and when i eat yoghurt! lol

oh well, i'm almost done now.. nyty everybody!

my midnight snack..

my work area....


acey said...

mmmm. the sesame bread sounds nice!

i honestly don't think you'll gain much weight after having your baby, though. you seem like you've always had a good metabolism and you're always on the move so parang impossible na you'll end up with excess weight.

acey said...

nytnyt, paulette!

Paulette said...

acey: oh yeah!!! buy one take one sa le couer de france heheeh

yeah i hope so, para makabalik agad ng work hehe

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