Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strange dream...

Cute Baby Pictures

I had the strangest dream.. i know that i am going to have a baby girl, but then the baby that i was holding in my dream was a baby boy and i was calling him "Sofiah"... we were playing together and he was laughing while i tease and tickle him (note: in my mind i knew that my baby is a girl) so we were playing together and i left him on the bed to get clothes because he was all naked.. then he touched his birdie and started to pee.. he was laughing while peeing because i was telling him to stop peeing.. then i woke up.

strage huh? and it felt so real! i thought that what was happening was real until i woke up and found out that i was only dreaming. i have been wishing for a baby boy that's why it manifested in my dream. i'm not sad that i'm having a baby girl tho because i know i will have lots of fun with a girl as my first baby..

i am just soooo excited! i want to see her already! ;)


jhayelle said...

haha ang kulit naman ng panaginip mo hehe! congrats sis! naku im sure gagawin mong doll yang baby mo. Mana sa mommy, supermodel hehe! Si gail din, girl anak nya. Magkakasunod lang tayo naging mommy!

Russ said...

That's what they say about dreams - they manifest either our desires or fears.Ö In your case, as you said, you wanted a boy. But hey, you'll never know. I have a friend who was so sure that she was gonna have a girl - the doctors in the States said that they were 99% certain that she was gonna have a girl. To here surprise, when she gave birth, she had boy! Funny because she painted the baby room lavender and all the baby stuff were also lavender!

PS. I think I know your friend Amy. Did she go to DLSU? I'm just not sure if she'd remember me.

acey said...

cute, funny dream, paulette!

ganito pala ang feeling na may baby, ne. pati ako, na-excite tuloy! :D

Paulette said...

jhayelle: oo nga eh girl din kay gail! pati yung mga iba ko pang friends na preggy ngayon girls din ang mga baby! potek ang dami na nating girls!!!! hahaahah!

russ: hahaha yeah i know! hidden desire ko mag ka baby boy lol totoo yon, they say na you really have to wait for the baby to come out coz you'll never be sure if its going to be a boy or a girl!

yeah amy is from dlsu.. ako din batch 98 pero i transfered to CSB and dun na ako nag grad :D

acey: mas nakakaexcite when she moves! as in! parang ang weird ng feeling parang may alien heheehhe

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