Sunday, July 05, 2009

New Blog!

i was bloghopping and i checked out this other blogger's site.. he has several blogs with different themes and niche.. so i decided to create another blog on a different blogsite..

i used to maintain several blogs before but most of them are "love blogs" so when that particular love affair ended the blogs were forgotten as well... har har har!

this afternoon, because i was still too lazy to work, i created an account in wordpress.. i used my gmail account to register but the system was rejecting it because my gmail account was already used to register an account in wordpress. i got scared coz i thought my account got hacked or something so i clicked on the forget password link and asked for a new password...

so i checked my mail and voila! i already created an account in worpress ages ago! hahaah! i was so into blogging that i forgot i already have an account there haaha! toinks! ugh.. memory gap! lol good thing, the name that i wanted was still available! :D

being so excited about my new account, i posted my very first post in wordpress! please check it out... Paulette's Room on Wordpress

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