Friday, July 24, 2009


i am sooooooooooooo HAPPY to be featured in oDesk's Buzzworthy fo july!! weee!!! i really really love working in oDesk!!! thanks so much!!!!

oDesk has made my life easier and it gave me a new perspective in life allowing me to be able to work from the comforts of my very own home. with this kind of job i am able to practice my skills in writing and at the same time allowing me to learn new things everyday. i have always been skeptic about online jobs because of the thousands of scams all over the net. oDesk proves to be one of the best online outsourcing company in the world wide web!!!!!


Russ said...

Wow! That's awesome!Ü
I heard nga that oDesk is okay. Got friends who are very happy with oDesk.

Paulette said...

ohh yeah!! ok talaga specially for moms-to-be like me! i will still be able to work while i take care of my baby!!!

Anonymous said...

just fantastic

Paulette said...

hihihi thanks Bluesman!!!

Raft3r said...

sikat ka na talaga
mas sikat pa ke rosalinda

Paulette said...

ahahaah!! salamat fernando jose!!!!

Valter said...

Dear Paulette, thank you for the comment, I am the pilot á 27anos, with 17.870 hours of flight, I flew in Varig many years, and now I am flying in Agricultural Aviation. Valter.

Paulette said...

wow cool valter!! thanks for dropping by ;)

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