Monday, July 27, 2009

Bench Blackout 2008 Fashion Show

just recently, Bench Blackout 2008 was aired on Abs-Cbn's Sunday Night Special.. i watched it with my cousins and reminisced every moment that i have spent with my friends who were also included in the show. i remembered all the happy times during the rehersals, fittings and the show itself. this was the only time that we were all complete since our friend bridget migrated to canada already. she was here for a vacation so we all ended up doing the show.

i had great memories during the bench show and hopefully, after i give birth.. i'll get back in shape so that i could do the bench show this december. i hope that i will still be able to spend it with my friends since most of them are already out of the country modeling or working.

i found this video in youtube and luckily, i was standing infront of kim and gerald so i was included in the video hehehe..

and here are some pictures of my fond memories of Bench Blackout 2008..


weddingglitters said...

hi there!
wow! what a cool job you have.
thanks for dropping by my site and for reading my posts, and taking time to comment. :)

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

w.a.i.t. said...

Wow model ka pala' cool... Frustrations ko yan haha -- true, salamat sa pagbisita sa aking blog : ) gawan kta ng link : )

Emperor.Kaizer. said...

Astig! Now at least I can brag that I know somebody who was part of that awesome show!

Raft3r said...

galing talaga ni rosalinda

teka wala ba si marian dyan?

Jun said...

WOW, you impress me Pau. he he. Musta na si Seth? wasak na team natin. Hope to see you in the future job. Ang galing mo, you have all, nice body and talent. Now you bless with baby, good luck. Have more jobs. Best wishes..

Paulette said...

wedding glitters: thanks!! :)

wait: yeah heheeh... talaga?

kaizer: hhahaa ganun? ;P

rafter: wala tsong eh hahaha!!!!

jun: thanks!!

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