Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do you care?

I care about so many things in life and i'm sure everybody has their own cares in this world. I took this test and honestly I found out that I don't care that much about other people as much as i thought i did.

well i care about my family the most and those people around me, i also care about mother earth and how we are going to survive this global warming problem. I also care about the current events that are happening but i dont care at all whatever happens to katrina halili and hayden kho regarding thier sex video or someone else's sex video for that matter. I care so much about my pets and other animals all over the world but not that much that i would rather go vegetarian than give up my craving for meat and other products made from animals..hehehe

should you want to participate in this conversation kindly click ok the link below and tell us what are the things you care for :)


Raft3r said...

mukhang caring ka naman, eh
saka everything is relative
kaya i don't believe in tests

Paulette said...

ahahah korek!

salamat tsong ;)

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