Thursday, July 02, 2009

My very first ODESK salary!!

i've been working for 3 weeks now and i actually got paid for my first week of working online on odesk!!!!!

well it works like this, you get paid on a weekly basis. first week i worked on my projects, kept a memo on everything that i did, logged on during work hours and logged out when i'm doing something else. odesk keeps a track of everything that you do through screenshots every 10mins and tracking your keyboard and mouse events.
then during second week, you will have to review your work memos and edit the unnecessary idle times. during that week, your employer also checks your workload and confirms if you really worked during those times that you logged on to their accounts. after all you work has been confirmed by the employer, odesk will then verify the payments and credit it to your account.
odesk will need several days to clear the payment from the employers (we call them buyers) then during the third week you will already be able to receive the payments for the hours that you worked on odesk!! cool right?

here's a sample of my salary:
my salary from june 16-21

my salary from june 22-28 due on july 8


rovielran said...

congrats! i made some online tips too here at my other blog

Paulette said...

heheeh thanks! yeah will check out your site ;)

Ed said...

congrats with your earnings! i haven't been very lucky with odesk though. maybe im just too lazy. :)

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