Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hi paui

As water inexorably flows down the mountains, into the
streams and rivers, and then out to the seas and oceans,
this ever-flowing element of nature is often associated
with peace and tranquility.


The Temperance card can represent the peace and tranquility
we feel when our life is flowing calmly and happily in the
right direction. However, it can often represent a time
where we need to balance logic and reason against strife
and struggle in order to salvage some harmony in troubled

It is your ability to weigh right from wrong, to balance
good against bad and to manage the volatile factors in your
life that determines how easily you can feel a sense of
balance and harmony in your life when the going is tough.

When the Temperance card appears in your reading, it can
imply that if you have been suffering a challenging time,
happier and more harmonious times lay ahead. Peace can be
restored and you will regain a tranquil normality to your
life again.

It can suggest that a greater sense of self-control is
required for you to cope with changing circumstances. And
for those who are suffering because of alcoholism, this
card is a sign that temperance and sobriety is needed.

The Temperance card is about moderation, going with the
flow and looking for solutions that will put an end to
conflicts and troubles, like pouring water over a fire to
put it out. The gentle flow of water can corrode giant
rocks in its path. Likewise patience and gentle persistence
can help us all to work through or around obstacles and
challenges in our path.

This card can also signify that spirituality may provide
comfort at a particularly difficult time, and when this
card appears in your reading, you can be sure that someone
out there is looking after you.

Love and Joy,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Chariot, in its simplest terms, represents a vehicle,
and one that you are in charge of steering – your life is
the vehicle and it is your choices and decisions that steer
you in either the right or wrong direction.


When this card appears in a reading, it often represents
challenges or difficulties that you must work through or
around, but with courage and determination the outcome is
often victory.

It often represents an existing struggle, one you have been
battling with for a while. For example, the card may
represent a destructive or unfulfilling relationship that
you have had problems letting go of. It may be that you
have been a housewife for many years and you don’t have the
confidence to get back into the job market, or perhaps you
have hit a glass ceiling in your job or profession and lack
the courage to seek success elsewhere.

Whatever the specific challenge or obstacle may be, you can
get over it if you find the drive and determination to do
so, since The Chariot represents self-reliance and decisive

When this card appears in your reading, it is saying don’t
quit or give up. As hard as the battle may seem at times,
if you persevere, you can and will succeed. It is
important to accept and understand that sometimes we need
to change course or direction in order to achieve our goals
and ambitions. If something isn’t happening, however hard
you try, perhaps you simply need to change tactics to get

The warning with The Chariot is not to allow your drive,
ambition and determination to turn to arrogance and pride.
It is not about bullying your way through life. This card
simply suggests that you don’t allow your ego to get in the

If you feel that your life is not going in the direction
you would like it to, and The Chariot appears in your
reading, ask yourself ‘What do I need to do to achieve what
I want?’, ‘What do I need to let go of in order to gain
what I desire?’, ‘Am I on course or way off it?’

Quite often we consult the Tarot cards when we feel lost,
without any goals or direction. You would never jump into
a car without knowing where you are going would you?
Otherwise how would you know when you’d arrived at your

It is the same with life. There are always signposts along
the way and the Tarot cards can help you to determine which
signs are pointing you in the right direction.

Love and Joy,

Monday, December 03, 2007

long time no see...

this is me... resting during the break... haha

Premium Marketing greeters class pic!

me in Hong Kong Harbor City...

Macau Bridge ....

resting @ work...

i havent blogged in a long time! yes.. i'm still here in macau still working.. still living the "real life" well i'm doing good here.. i didnt think that i would last this long just standing up the whole day looking pretty and greeting all the guests coming in.. i'm gaining weight also but its okay coz i look healthier this way haha! i've been busy with work that i dont have much time to go online although lately i've been online but i didnt have the time to blog.. since tom my sork starts at 2:30pm i decided to stay up late and write in my blog.. i really cant post any important stuff coz its just the same everyday... well as of now i'm starting to get really really bored with what i'm doing plus it isn't actually challenging at all so i'm considering resigning from this job and just go back home.. but i havent really decided on it yet so lets see.... :)


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