Thursday, July 16, 2009

First trimester preggy pics ;)

I have been modeling for 10 years now and this is the first time I stopped modeling because I am pregnant. I was still able to do fashion shows while 3 months pregnant and I wanted to continue doing it until I am on my 5th but the doctor advised me to stop because I need to rest and to avoid wearing really high heels. I just miss working and walking down the runway.... its a good thing that my online job with odesk has been keeping me busy and it keeps my mind off the long wait for my precious to arrive..

sashaying down that runway was never an easy job. it required countless hours of rehersals on the venue, whether that venue is airconditioned or under direct sunlight or whether we are going to do the program with dancers or we have a choreography with other models. we also have to attend castings and fittings so its really takes up my time and i have to travel all the way to makati or sometimes even to ortigas and all over the qc area just to do all that. so since this is my first baby, i'm really doing my best to be careful and not tire myself so the baby won't be harmed or anything.

before i stopped from modeling, i was still able to do several shows while i was already on my first trimester of being pregnant. my tummy wasn't that big yet so i was still able to do shows for avon intimates and penshoppe red logo. summer was already on its way when i last worked as a model so most of the shows were either lingerie or swimsuit and yes.... the clients still got me to work for them (they didn't know of course that i was already pregnant that time, i didn't want them to worry about me since one of the shows i did was an out-of-town show in marinduque!) so here are some of my first trimester preggy pictures...

Penshoppe "Red Logo" show.... my first preggy pic @ 3 months ;)

Launch of a new wing in Market! Market!

Avon Intimate Apparel Bella Rocca Show @ Bella Rocca Marinduque (i was 3months pregnant when i did this show)

Martha Stewart Weddings @ World Trade Center wearing a Frederick Peralta wedding gown


Laarni said...

Wow. Sexxyy pregger. <33333

Paulette said...

wahihi thanks laarnaay! ;)

Raft3r said...

sa lahat naman ng mga preggers, panalo ka
astig ang pix
di halata
good luck sa next trimester!
tama yan
take it easy muna
at magblog hop

Paulette said...

ahehe... nung una lang ganyan ngayon di na! heheeh

kaya easy easy lang at d ako makaalis ng bahay hahaha!

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