Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ice Cream

Finally!! ICE CREAM ahihihhihhi! wah i missed eating ice creaaaaam!

i mixed banana with 3 in 1 plus 1 (happy kaarawan! heehhe) and topped it with milo! mmmmmm wow! i love this ice cream combination from selecta because it features my favorite flavors (mais, melon & pandan. i'm not a fan of ube..) call me bady but i really like the catchy tone of 3 in 1 plus 1's commercial..


acey said...

lol! cute ice cream ad! :D

and lovely idea to mix fruits with ice cream.

i love milooooo!

Paulette said...

yeahh ahihihi!! its really nice when you get to eat ice cream whenever you want to hehe

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