Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is my first post for the last day of the first month of the year 2010...

Christmas was okay.. I'm happy that my family is complete, my aunt and cousins were here and sofia was big enough to enjoy the blinking of the christmas lights.. She even went to church with us but ended up sleeping the whole time.. it was late so its okay.

New year was nice too.. it was my baby's first new year so I made sure that she enjoyed the fireworks. Me on the other hand had a nice time too since it was my first new year away from home.. yeah.. we spent it in Camp Sabros, Digos City. The place was really nice. The weather was just like Baguio, well maybe a bit colder but it was great. In front of our room was a magnificent view of Mt. Apo. At night, the place looked as if i was in fantasy land except i didn't have my prince charming with me. Eric was always playing poker with his cousins and other colleagues and i was busy taking care of fifi. So it was not even close to any fantasy that i have. Anyway, the place was perfect for people who both want adventure and serenity in one.

a shot of the cable car machine

our quaint little cabana

a magnificent view of Mt. Apo

night shot of the veranda facing Mt. Apo

It was a family vacation.. Eric's family (his entire clan actually) was there to spend the new year. I missed my parents terribly but i had no choice so i just opted to enjoy the stay there, besides it was really nice spending time with eric's cousins and siblings.

When I got back from Mindanao i didnt really do anything but work.. i didnt get to work that much because we were always drinking, or talking and there were no internet connection in Camp Sabros.

After just 2 weeks of staying in manila, we had to fly to cebu for Sinulog. My parents were supposed to come with me and sofia but unfortunately my dad had to wait for the office to finalize everything. So i had to fly with sofia without any yaya! Ugh, it was hard but i was just so thankful that my little baby is truly an angel. She cried for a bit but fell asleep eventually. That was the case as well when we flew back to manila.

Yeah... the first month of this year was really quite busy that i neglected my blogging duties. I vow to at least post once a week if not everyday. I miss blogging really.. and it helps keep me sane ;)

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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