Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing the Runway

its been months since i last sashayed down the runway and i really really miss working. i remember those days when i would get stressed with all our work but i kind of miss that feeling.. as i was watching videos over youtube i found a video of one of our fashionshows for Samsung Metrowear where i modeled for Mr. Ray Kuan, who is a really good designer from cebu..


Michelle said...

I once dream to be a model but not anymore. hehe Good that you like it. So you're pregnant? Congrats! And thanks for the nice comment. :)

Mish said...

wow, galing.

Raft3r said...

kunting tiis na lang
at balik trabaho ka na uli
stessful din pala ang maging model, ano

w.a.i.t. said...

i cant wait paui... : )

ace said...

paulette, i LOVE what you're wearing here. you look fabulous!

wait said...

missing the runway? and im missing you paui! hehe : )

Paulette said...

michelle: hhehe talaga? nice!

mish: thanks ;)

rafter: oo mahirap din.. pero mas madali naman compared sa ibang trabaho

wait: yeah tagal ako hindi naka blog.. busy kasi eh haha

ace: proudly made by a pinoy! galing no? ;)

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