Monday, April 25, 2005


woohoo carribean! i am here now....blogging in martinique........real cool! heheh but i hqve to go now i will just write about this when i get back.....mmmmuah from the carribean!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm leaving on a jetplane........

today was a very long day for me.....i had so many thigs to accomplish and yet i am still energetic enough to write on my journal. i am writing this while i am inside the plane on my way to paris. i am writing on my notebook, i will just transfer this to my blog as soon as i get home from my competition/vacation...hehehe!

i woke up early in the morning coz i still have to go to SAGA to get my pocket money and some of the designers clothes that i am supposed to bring to Martinique. i went to school first to pick up aleck and meet yako. bon hitched a ride with me going to work so aleck and i had to drop him off somewhere in makati before going to SAGA. when i got there Leo was already waiting for me. he is my "make up teacher" and he will put makeup on me for my departure later in the evening. it took forever before they released my pocket at around 3 in the afternoon i was still in the office and my flight is at 8pm! finally they gave me what i needed and left the office. my mom kept on calling! asking where i was and what time will i get home! (ngarag! gawrshness!) i passed by ate eva's office to get the additional luggage that i need and go to the nearest mall to get a darker shade of foundation (just in case i get darket in martinique) my mom was really worried that i will not get to the airport on time.... i got home at around 5... i had to hurry to get to pack some of the remaining stuff that i need and go to the airport immediately. my dad, mom, ate eva and aleck went with me to the airport. we picked up bon in pure gold. yako, vj and shoti will be going straight to the airport. when i got there whe line was sooooooo long! good thing i was wearing my SASH so the airport police got curious and let me cut n the line so i could get in immediately. there were around 3 men who assisted me in carrying my heavy luggage. everything was fine until the girl in the check in counter had to hold my baggage coz i had excess! they only allowed 20 kgs of baggage and i had 54! wooohooo!!!! talk about overpacking! so i called SAGA to tell them about my dilemma.....alma wanted me to just use my charm and talk my way without having to pay a staggering $ 700++ for my excess! gawd! so i actually tried to talk to the baggage check in manager to give me discounts coz i am going to represent the country and i needed all my clothes because i am going to use it for the competition. he didnt budge, so i was pissed off. i kept calling saga and telling them to solve the problem or else i wouldnt be able to leave the country! an hour has passed and they are closing the check in counter....i only had 20 mis before the departure. i talked to the check in manager that i have money to pay for the baggage but i can only spare 200 dollars coz i would need money coz i know i would have more trouble when i get to paris. finally he gave in! they only charged 6kilos of my excess bagge but still i had to pay 176 usd! it was better than having to pay 700 usd! so anyways, since i was the last to check in the manager upgraded my seat and changed it to business class weee!!! so i was able to relax for 2 hours. the food that they served was good and the seat was ohh soo comfortable! i was sitting beside this um....errr....nice guy? (wahaha! sinong niloloko mo?) pogi sya! hahaha! well, so we talked about stuff.....hmmmmm........(talk lang! pucha! hahah! as if naman pede sa plane! hmmmmm..........hahahahaha! whateverrr!!) the 2hour trip was fast! grabe i wanted it sana to be longer....maybe 8 hours or more.... so anyways his name is paolo....(watta name! pag hindi Mark, Paolo, or Raymond! gosh!) he is in his mid 30's which is kinda nice! (yaw ko na guys younger than me....nakatago pa sa mga saya ng mga nanay nila....hmpf!) so yon....we arrived in hong kong at around 11:30 pm and my connecting flight was 12:55 was ok coz i had to walk all the way to my gate. we went down in gate 64 and my connecting flight was in gate 2! ha! so when i finally got in my boarding gate, i only had to wait for around 30 mins and voila! they started boarding the plane! finally.....some rest!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

my Flavor

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like beer. I like beer. Buy me a beer. I'm not drunk, I can drink plenty without... What was I saying? Beer. What Flavour Are You?

teeeeeeeheeeee......funny ha!

Monday, April 11, 2005

martinique here i come!!

i'm so psyched up about the competition.....everybody's counting on me to win! i'm pressured but in a good way. :D phew! this is by far the busiest year of my life.....i had lotsa shows, pictorials, assignments, projects and i had to do my thesis alone! hehe! kewl noh? puros contests like the hsbc young it entrepreneur and now the model international,,,,i'm so happy that after all the heartaches i have been through last year........sigh.......... now i'm sooooooowowowowowowoooo busy! wala na nga me time huminga! chos! lol.....pero i have to admit, sa sobrang pagod ko nakakatulog ako basta humiga lang anywhere.....kaya nga naman pati sa loob ng tanning bed nananaginip ako! lol .........ohh gawd... ang adik ko...kahit na super major duper to the max pagod ako i still find time to log on and post. pucha! si ano kasi eh! hehe! ano beh! ***shucks....after 48 hours with yako, aleck and vj, isa na akong kikay! yay! *** well, if it werent for them namatay na ako sa pagod and boredom and hulasss and gutom and kakafit and kakapack and kakayosi and kakainom and kakawhatever! shigang na lowla mow! i need some tender kissin' and lovin' and huggin' and *toot* i'm so hulasss...


my gawd! hulazeiii! i;m soo freaking tired! i've been awake for the past 22 hrs....hayyyyyy.....but the excitement gives me the energy to drive to every designers house, fit thier clothes and pack my stuff.

i'm kinda nervous na pero its ok.....i know i can do it! my skin in just sore kasi from the tanning sessions. but i look good kasi yung tan ko amplified. oh well my break is almost over. i have to go to lots of places pa ulit. bbye! sana i will have time lang to post sa martinique para i can update my blog.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

it's getting hot in here!

Free Image Hosting at

look at my color! weeeee! thanks to basement salon for thier tanning bed treatments lol well, i'm regularly going to basement salon to have tanning treatments. its soo cool coz i wouldnt have tan lines! it will look like my real color! yipee! but it's so freakin hot inside the tanning bed. :D i love my color!

Friday, April 08, 2005

a week that was.....

Fashion wee is finally over! whew! this means i will be able to rest....(NOT!) hahah! i know i still have lots of stuff to do....grrr.... I NEED REST! but i cant...:( i need to fix my stuff for martinique, borrow clothes from designers, buy lotsa accessories and REVISE MY THESIS!!!!!! gawd.....i nevar get enuf sleep! oh well, this is the start of better things to come, at least i will be able to save enough money to start my own bizzineyzzz. but i still have to focus on one big event and that is the model int'l competition. hayyyyyyyy,,,,,,,, i just wish i get to bring home the baconnnnn!! teehee....

i just came from the fashion week after party. my friends were there, the designerse, fashion directors and "the Dragqueen" Audie Espino! too bad cameras were not allowed inside! he is such a riot! haha! we were laughing our brains out when they did this drag queen beauty contest. there were talent portion, runway portion, posing competition and question and answer portion which was the funniest! grabe! hay,,,i still am smiling whenever i think of what happened just this evening! i left early coz i didnt feel well, i had too much red wine but i wasnt able to eat anythig the wole day so i felt acidity in my tummy and it was painful. i had to say bbye bye to my fwens, deesyners, and co mowdels early in the evening. i know i still missed a lot of happenings there but its ok, coz i'm tired already. i had a looong day so i need some rest. i will be having yet another long day tom so i must resign now. gudnyty!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


i hate those big buses in EDSA! they are sooo annoying! feeling nila they own the road! i almost crashed sa island kasi itong kupsie daisy na bus bigla nag liko! asarrr talaga!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

after 48 years


i am soooo freakin busy that i dont get to log in na sa blog ko! grrr! i spent my holy week in boracay with my family, yeye, shing, shan and my other cousins. it was soooo fun! the beach, the food, the sun and the people were sooo cool! i cant detail our holy week happenings yet coz i have to go to nbc tent for our rehersals so i will just write about it some other day.

neway, i'm leaving soon for martinique to compete for the Model international Competition! wooohooo!! i'm soo excited but nervous at the same time :)i'm sooo busy with training, costume fitting and fixing my papers. but i'm really psyched up and determined in bringing home the bacon! :D

fashion week is really hectic. i have 4 shows with them, lots of fitting and rehersal dates so its really hard to fix my sked specially now that i am preparing for my martinique competition...whew!

wish me luck!


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