Friday, April 08, 2005

a week that was.....

Fashion wee is finally over! whew! this means i will be able to rest....(NOT!) hahah! i know i still have lots of stuff to do....grrr.... I NEED REST! but i cant...:( i need to fix my stuff for martinique, borrow clothes from designers, buy lotsa accessories and REVISE MY THESIS!!!!!! gawd.....i nevar get enuf sleep! oh well, this is the start of better things to come, at least i will be able to save enough money to start my own bizzineyzzz. but i still have to focus on one big event and that is the model int'l competition. hayyyyyyyy,,,,,,,, i just wish i get to bring home the baconnnnn!! teehee....

i just came from the fashion week after party. my friends were there, the designerse, fashion directors and "the Dragqueen" Audie Espino! too bad cameras were not allowed inside! he is such a riot! haha! we were laughing our brains out when they did this drag queen beauty contest. there were talent portion, runway portion, posing competition and question and answer portion which was the funniest! grabe! hay,,,i still am smiling whenever i think of what happened just this evening! i left early coz i didnt feel well, i had too much red wine but i wasnt able to eat anythig the wole day so i felt acidity in my tummy and it was painful. i had to say bbye bye to my fwens, deesyners, and co mowdels early in the evening. i know i still missed a lot of happenings there but its ok, coz i'm tired already. i had a looong day so i need some rest. i will be having yet another long day tom so i must resign now. gudnyty!

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