Monday, April 11, 2005

martinique here i come!!

i'm so psyched up about the competition.....everybody's counting on me to win! i'm pressured but in a good way. :D phew! this is by far the busiest year of my life.....i had lotsa shows, pictorials, assignments, projects and i had to do my thesis alone! hehe! kewl noh? puros contests like the hsbc young it entrepreneur and now the model international,,,,i'm so happy that after all the heartaches i have been through last year........sigh.......... now i'm sooooooowowowowowowoooo busy! wala na nga me time huminga! chos! lol.....pero i have to admit, sa sobrang pagod ko nakakatulog ako basta humiga lang anywhere.....kaya nga naman pati sa loob ng tanning bed nananaginip ako! lol .........ohh gawd... ang adik ko...kahit na super major duper to the max pagod ako i still find time to log on and post. pucha! si ano kasi eh! hehe! ano beh! ***shucks....after 48 hours with yako, aleck and vj, isa na akong kikay! yay! *** well, if it werent for them namatay na ako sa pagod and boredom and hulasss and gutom and kakafit and kakapack and kakayosi and kakainom and kakawhatever! shigang na lowla mow! i need some tender kissin' and lovin' and huggin' and *toot* i'm so hulasss...

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