Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gimmick Nights of Preggybells

being the gimmickera that i am, i couldn't resist the urge not to go out and party with my friends. lol.. although i made sure that we didn't go any enclosed areas where people smoke so i was basically safe from being a second hand smoker.. i know i couldn't drink and my friends won't let me so i opted to have dessert and mango juice (and just pretended that it is mixed with vodka hahaha) i just enjoyed the company and the stories that i shared with friends.. soon after sofifi comes out ill once again be able to try the sweet taste of vodka.. ahhhhh...

UBE night at Oody's Greenbelt

Get together at Nlo's BF Homes

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mim said...

trully missing something lucious, ryt..? lol.. if you're planning on breast-feeding(the best for babies up to 2 years..:D) i think you should skip a little more months on vods.. can't do 'em the same time.. ;D

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