Thursday, August 13, 2009

700 Club Asia

My 700 Club Asia Experience....

ony of my good friends called me up and asked me if they could do an interview with me for a local tv show... he said that it was about the modeling industry so i said yes.. i didn't even ask my friend where it was going to be shown because i trusted him and i know he wouldn't exploit me in any way lol..

so he asked to meet me up in makati and we talked about the details of the interview. that's when i found out that they are going to interview me for 700 Club Asia.. he said that they were featuring people who were not lured by the "evils" of the industry...

he asked me if i ever posed for any men's magazine and i told him that i did once (for FHM) but i made sure that it didn't look sleazy in any way.. i was the one who picked my swimsuit and made sure that i looked decent.. its a great thing that i was stick thin that time so even if i tried to look sexy in the picture, i knew it wouldn't happen hehehe... (i think i'm sexy in a more sporty way lol)

he aslo asked me several questions about those "models" that use their bodies to earn money.. and i told him that modeling is just a job for me.. i mean, i didn't really have to work or anything so i can have a good life.. it just so happened that i like what i'm doing and i'm earning good money from it. so this qualified me for the interview and we set a schedule on when they are going to interview me...

come the day of the interview, they made me sit down infront of the camera and there were several lights in front of me and i was sweating like hell lol.. yeah i was nervous! they focused the camera on my face but they told me to just ignore it and talk to the interviewer casually.. i didnt and i think i did good! :D i talked about the values that my mom instilled in me so i was able to stay away from the "evil" things that wre present within the fashion industry.. then after the interview, the people who interviewed me made me sit in one area and did a "prayover" to keep me and my famile safe..

i watched this with my mom and she was laughing the whole time because she can see in my face that i was nervous while being interviewed lol.. it was a very nice experience and i am so glad to share my story to other people who want to be models so they could keep their values intact and avoid "evils" of the industry....


backpacking philippines said...

a model blogger or is it a blogger model :P

it's good you're enjoying your job sans the trappings of the "evil" within

Retro Manila said...

Nice nice.

Was that you on a scooter?

Haha! Yun ang napansin ko, e no?

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