Thursday, August 06, 2009

Proud to be Pinoy!

whenever i check the page requests and other events in my facebook accounts i usually just click on the ignore button.. but this page which was suggested by Mr. Revo Naval caught my eye... it was this P500 peso bill that had Tita Cory and Ninoy's pic... i thought it was really sweet (being the hopeless romantic that i am... ) because they were reunited with each other even in a form of a monetary unit.. but what really caught me was that they both fought for the same thing which was for the Filipino people to be free from dictatorship and for democracy to be once again felt by our countrymen. i would support this cause to put Tita Cory in our money because she is considered to be one of the modern heroes of our country.

although i was still very young when the EDSA Revolution happened, vivid images of how people got together to fight for our freedom flashed back in my mind.. i really really wanted to go out on the streets to catch a glimpse of our former president's casket... too bad that i am pregnant and my mom told me that i'd be crazy if i go out in the rain and try to push my way through those throng of people wanting to see the same thing.... i didn't want to hurt myself or my baby so i just decided to stay at home and watch tv.. i saw pictures taken by a friend and i felt the emotions that were present in those pics so i wanted to share it here... these pictures were taken by Mr. Sonny Espiritu

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Raft3r said...

i would even be prouder if we take something from all of these and rise above all the sufferings
naks, malamin yan

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