Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of the Love Month ♥ ♥ ♥

i know i vowed to write at least 1 blog a week... there were so many things to write about but i really didnt have the luxury to write about it anymore.. i had so many articles to write that writing on my own blog is too much to handle..

so what can i say about love?

there are so many aspects of love that i have yet to write about and even if the love month is already almost finished, i still have a lifetime to write about love.. oh love...

to start with, my love life isn't really that great... i am having problems with my current bf and its not that easy to decide whether i should stay or leave the relationship specially now that i have a little angel to consider. well of course its not that easy to just say that i'm going to give up on someone that i used to love with all my life.. now i can say that i still love him but not head over heels anymore.. maybe head to knees or even only up to my hips... there are things that happened already that we can never take back and its not that easy to fill up that gap that started to take the two of you apart..

nevertheless, we are both trying our best to make things work.. well i know i am.. but i will never try to force anything upon us.. if its not meant to be then so be it! i always pray to god to help us realize things on our own, to help us see if we are really right for each other, if we are meant to be together.. i never prayed for us to get back together i just tell the lord that i leave everything up to him and in his due time, he will show me the answer to all my prayers.

as for my little chubby girl, who is starting to lose weight now because she always wants to crawl and lick her fingers (yeah... lick and not suck), everyday i fall more and more in love with her! not that i wasn't that inlove already but as she grows older i want her to feel how much i love her. how i would do everything for her just like my mom did for me.. but that's another story.. whenever she looks at me i feel her love, her unconditional love and it completes my essence as a woman (ms universe? sushmita sen!) yeah.. she completes me ( jerry maguire!) hehehe! sofia alexei makes me really really happy! i love her! mmmmmuah little angel!

my parents... i am ever so thankful to them for my existence here on earth. them who have been so patient and kind.. who supported me in all my endeavors and helped me get back to my feet after every problem.. they showed me how to live life with dignity and respect and gave me the values that made me what i am today.. those values that i want to pass on to my child.. to my future children.. to the future generation of our world... i love them so much.. and i will forever be grateful that god blessed gave me the best pair of parents in the world! muah to you two nanay and tatay! i love you!

and so i continue on the journey of my life. i will experience more love.. not only from my family but also my friends.. i consider myself lucky because i feel so loved.. i will continue to write.. about me, my life, my lord and my love... ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, February 01, 2010

Love Month

let's talk about love..



well i dont really have that much to say about love.. for me it makes the whole world go around.. not money.. but love..

i really am the most hopeless romantic that you will ever find.. i am such a sucker for love stories and romance. i know that fairy tales dont exist but when you have the heart of a child everything is possible.. yeah, i have the heart of a child.. simple things make me happy and romance keeps me alive.. that's it..

i'll write about love the whole month of feb.. the love month. i just wish i get bitten by the love bug so i will be inspired to write about the things that make my world go 'round ;)


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