Monday, February 01, 2010

Love Month

let's talk about love..



well i dont really have that much to say about love.. for me it makes the whole world go around.. not money.. but love..

i really am the most hopeless romantic that you will ever find.. i am such a sucker for love stories and romance. i know that fairy tales dont exist but when you have the heart of a child everything is possible.. yeah, i have the heart of a child.. simple things make me happy and romance keeps me alive.. that's it..

i'll write about love the whole month of feb.. the love month. i just wish i get bitten by the love bug so i will be inspired to write about the things that make my world go 'round ;)


Anonymous said...

and you're certainly not alone my dear as we are all a hopeless romantics at heart, love ya

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

advance happy valentines sa iyo..

JENIE said...

im back! ;) but...ONLY 1 of my 4 blogs linked here? but you are linked in all 4!

i have sad news, i lost my PR's in 3 of my 4 blogs and so cleaning up my blogroll for unreciprocated hoping you can finally link them here?

let me know,please. thanks.

teJan said...

hi there...just visiting here!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, because I, unlike so many other people, like to believe in the fairy tale sort of love. it feels that in this day and age it has been a hot topic for people to be dissing on valentines day saying things like "I don't need a holiday to show my affection," when the truth is that holidays like valentines day were created because people would show their feelings without one. vive la amour!

The Teknisyan said...

nice blog you have here.. and thanks for the visit! :)

Care for a link xchange?

eRLyN said...

hi, happy heart's day.

btw, care to exchange links? please leave me a comment in my blog, that's the only way ill know who agreed. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Life is a journey and it is Love that makes that journey worthwhile

ronaldoedi said...

hello, nice blog,nice day, good morning, see you next, thanks

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