Friday, October 31, 2008

busy as a bee..

its already the 31st of oct and the last day of the month so i decided to blog (eventhough i had a very bad bad bad day)..

....yes a VERRRRY BAD DAY! haiz! imagine missing your flight and having to pay another 3k for rebooking for waiting for youre super slow to the maxxx friends to arrive at the airport. i had to wait for them because they had my ticket. arrrgh! well it was partly my fault.. i was too lazy to print a new one and just opted to wait for my friends.. arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! if only... haiz!

well were leaving in a while so i have to go and get ready...


acey said...

awww, i'm so sorry to hear you missed your plane, paulette. it's obviously NOT your fault. there are just really people who come late sometimes... :(

i hope your days will be better!

sending love.

the donG said...

i hope that things will be better. im sure nothing was done intentionally.

Raft3r said...

tagal mo na di dalaw sakin, ha


btw, labas na commercial ng niece ko

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