Thursday, May 19, 2011


been really busy with work lately.. our company Galaxy Entertainment Group opened a new hotel last May 15,2011. due to lack or manpower they "borrowed" some of our girls including our team leander... being a senior i was tasked to assist in some of the things that the team leader usually handles apart from the bulk of work that i need to do.. but its all good i need to keep myself busy so that times flies by fast...

i'm already on my 4th month at work... i didn't realize that it would be that fast... now i only have 8 months left on my contract and i get to come back home.. well it depends on what would happen to my life (personal & career)... i just hope that all goes well... so help me God.

Ora et Labora (work and pray) is what i learned when i was still in grade school and up until high school i was able to put it into practice.. now that i'm living in the real world, not everything is taught anymore and you got to figure out most of the things on your own... its great that i get to utilise what i have in between my ears but most of all i feel a different sense of satisfaction when i get to deliver what was expected from me...

i think i need to celebrate.. an ice cold bottle of tsing tao will do the trick... ciao!

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J.D. Meier said...

> not everything is taught anymore
Well put and so true.

It's a great reminder that it's up to us to make learning a lifelong thing.

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