Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rye Burgos Star Struck V Top 14

I was just about to post a blog about Rye Burgos.. he's a good friend and I wanted to ask help from other friends to vote for him in Starstruck V's ongoing mobile voting but it was already too late.. huhuhu! he was eliminated in Starstruck V's second elimination night.. boohoo!!!

It's okay mon.. we're all so proud of you for making it in the top 14! you're still the best Starstruck V contestant for nanay & me and I will always be your #5 fan lol!!

Basic Info from Starstruck Website

Name: Rye Burgos
Nickname: Mon-mon
Birthday: August 16, 1989
Birth Place: Mandaluyong City
Showbiz Anniversary: November 29, 2009

Rye’s Got Talent:
His biggest strength, according to him, is his acting skills. “I try my bset to give my natural feelings, rather than copy them from someone else.”

Full Name: Rye Andrew Burgos

Rye’s Hit List

1. Would you believe that Rye’s favorite movies are the ones from the Enteng Kabisote franchise?
2. That’s because he looks up to Vic Sotto as an actor! He also likes Katrina Halili.
3. He finds William Hung, and his “She Bang” shenanigan, hilarious.
4. His favorite book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad which he finds inspirational.
5. He knows Jiujitsu, and he’s not afraid to use his knowledge of it if he has to.
6. He always wears a wooden bracelet wherever he goes.
7. A child at heart, Rye still considers Doctor Quack-Quack as his favorite game.

Q & A
Why did you enter showbiz?
“I want to entertain people! I love comedy and making people laugh is priceless! Laughter is the key of happiness. Also, for my family, they’re so proud of me and seeing them talk about how their son or pamangkin is on TV is just heartwarming.”

If given the choice, which Kapuso star would you want to act with?
“Starts with a “K” and ends with “atrina Halili”. Sana naman, instead na sampal, yakap na lang…”

What was the toughest challenge you had to face?
“Singing po. I don’t have much experience like some of the others, but I know that my will to learn and determination will help me.”

What is your biggest frustration? Your biggest regret?
“Not being able to do something I’m capable of.”

What are you most proud of?
“Getting slapped by Katrina Halili… What a privelage, how many people can say sinampal na sila ni Katrina!”

What are your limitations?
“I try not to limit myself, always aiming for the highest!”

Describe yourself in three words.
“Masayang, masayang, tao! Haha.”

What is your most unforgettable experience?
“I did a commerical for [a telecommunication company], we ran 4-6 hours for 3 days! Ang sakit pare.”

What are your fears?
“Mga DAGA! Hindi ako nacucutan, natatakot ako baka matapakan ko pa “squeesh”.”

What is your biggest dream?
“To do a film that is very inspirational and life-changing.”


Random Student said...

he can use his Filipino looks to his advantage kasi syempre gusto ng mga iba eh mestizo or mestiza or korean looks.

Paulette said...

he's pure filipino naman and i think that's one reason why he got eliminated agad.. alam mo naman mga pinoy gusto ng mga half breed hehe

Anna Lyn said...

Kapwa pilipino talaga walang taste kaya walang nananalo sa miss universe na filipina paano naman mga pangit na tisay ang pinapadala nila. They should take note na hindi porket tisay eh maganda na! Nainis nga ako at hindi ka nanalo sa Binibini noon
Sayo pa naman ako boto!

Paulette said...

yeah anna.. well yung sa binibini ibang case naman yon.. may mga set na silang candidates na gustong manalo. i joined lang nman nun para ma experience ko yung sumali sa beauty contest kasi alam ko naman na ganun na yung mga sistema nun hehe

Rye Burgos :) said...

Awwwww, salamat ate! Kaylan ko makikita ang cute na baby mo? Haha.

Anonymous said...

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