Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So typically me..

My closet is running out of space.. I have lots of clothes that I don't get to use anymore.. Good thing I didn't buy too much preggy clothes because I knew that after giving birth I won't be able to use it anymore.. I got lots of maxi dresses that I can use during the summer..

I noticed that my closet is full of clothes and my big plastic boxes are already full of clothes. I also have two large suitcases that are full of clothes that I dont get to use anymore. Since I'm always at home, I don't get to use most of the clothes that I wear for gimmicks and fashion shows. I am always in tshirts and shorts and I am missing my "outfits".. I miss being fashionable! wah!

I was working on a blogging assignment for oDesk when I came across this site ( and I really liked how the members used a certain theme to put up clothes and accessories together in a fashionable manner. So I picked some of the styles that I would usually wear and I might just create a set of my own with the clothes that I have here at home ;)
Boho Summer!
every drawing that i drew, was never ever as cute as you.

Vintage Dreams

Vanessa Hudgens

Quick Lily Allen set

Celebrity Style: Sienna Miller


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