Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

I always walk down the runway of Philippine Fashion Week but since i was already 5 months pregnant last may. My doctor advised me to stop wearing high heels because i was experiencing spotting and it's really bad for the both of us (me and the baby). The worst reason why i was not able to do Philippine Fashion Week is because my skin was ravished by chickenpox. ( yeah i had chickenpox when i was pregnant! of all the times that i would acquire the virus it had to be that month! well i'm glad that the baby wasn't harmed... )

so anyways, i told myself that if i give birth the first week of september i will be able to walk down the runway again.. and so i did.. i gave birth 09/09/09! weew! i didn't gain so much weight when i was pregnant so i didn't really have to lose weight to get back in shape. i just needed to get well and let all the wounds heal... then i was ready to wear my high heels again.

everybody was shocked when they saw me at the fitting... the fashion industry is small so everyone knows everything about everybody... and they knew that i was pregnant because the last time everybody saw me was when i was still 8 months pregnant... i was so happy to be back that i answered everyone's questions as to how i was able to get back to work a month after i gave birth... and i'm glad that everybody welcomed me back

so Philippine Fashion Week came and i got lots of shows.. some days i got one show and other days i got three shows.. so it was really tiring and i was exhausted when i got home that i wasn't able to take care of my baby anymore (i was just so lucky that my mom was there to take good care of my little angel! Thanks NANAY! I Love You!)... by the time that the week ended i had lots of blisters on my feet, my muscles were aching and i was already having migraines because i lacked sleep...

i told myself that i won't be working as much after this because i want to spend time with my baby and to take care of her first since she was still so fragile... so i rejected some shows and spent wonderful precious time with my angel... next year i will go back to work again and i'll make sure that i will be there to stay ;)

here are some pictures taken by wonderful photographers ( Nelson Villarica, Sidney Jones and Bruce Casanova ) hot from the runway of Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010


Raft3r said...

astig talaga ni rosalinda
back to the swing of things agad

Paulette said...

ahahaa!! oo ganun talaga fernando jose!

beaarano said...

I can't believe this was a month after you gave birth! grabe ka tlga!

Paulette said...

ahehehe oo twin... namiss ko eh :D

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