Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Been Busy...

i haven't blogged in a month.. i had so many things to do.. yeah work... i have several articles that i have to finish and hourly jobs that i have to devote my time to so i was not able to blog for a while.

well, i just came from the doc for my checkup and she told me that i'm already 2cm and that i might give birth anytime. so i decided that this is the last time i might be able to blog before i give birth.. i don't know yet but just to make sure i will blog about what i have done the past month..


my friends planned this for me but i told them that i wanted to have it at home just in case... so my mom cooked the food.. we had calderetang kambing, lumpiang shanghai, sweet and sour fish, etc. i can't remember anymore lol.. we had overflowing drinks too, vodka, jack, red wine and beer :D my friends had fun and i was happy that they were all here (except for those who are based in another country). my group of friends who are young designers had a little show for us and we all had fun watching them. i want to thank my mom for cooking all the food, partsy for the budget (hehe) and all my friends for coming to my baby shower.

i want to thank all my friends for the gifts.. i don't have to buy stuff anymore because they all gave me the stuff that i needed ;)

the food...

the guests...

Winners of Miss Mariposa, search for the next fairy god mother.

Opening of the Gifts ;)

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Retro Manila said...

You're such a beautiful mother. :)

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