Friday, December 05, 2008


yea i have been bitten too by edward... its like coming back to high school, crushing on someone on your class or having your first kiss. well whatever the effect twilight has on me, i likey!

i watched it with my best girl friends and we were all so dying for edward! my other friend tho was kind of disappointed because the movie was different from the book. good for me i didnt bother to read the book first before watching the movie so i wasnt really disappointed or anything. in fact i sooooo loved the movie that now i decided to read the book and boy,,,, the book was really a lot better!!! well if only they didnt pack everything up in a 2 hour movie it would have been a blast for everybody watching. there are certain parts that i think could have been sweeter if they showed it exactly how it was written on the book. oh well, it was a great movie anyways so enough of the ranting...

i really liked the movie that i even watched it again! partsy was here so we watched it together. i didnt really think he would like it oz he was not much of a "mushy movie" fan. he was more into action and suspense. but i was so glad that he liked it and he even told me that the action scene was cute. hehehe!

i am sooo looking forward to the sequel.. i looked everywhere for the 2nd book since i already almost finished the first one but it was SOLD OUT! wah! so now im just focusing on other things because i am sooo eager to find out what happens next! :D

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