Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rest day!

ive been busy the past with shows, events, parties and wakeboarding.. plus i went home at around 5am already from all-night clubbing. i went to embassy with friends since it was superklasse wednesdays and it meant "hip-hop"! so we all went out to have a few drinks and dance the night away (will post pics later... )

when i woke up i decided to just stay at home, watch tv and rest.. i uploaded some pics and burned some songs so that i could free up some space in my laptop to avoid further problems. i detected some kind of trojan virus in my laptop which was eating up my resources thus making my laptop slower than ever! just to make sure that i save up my files i decided to upload some of them in my share-a-pic account. i havent had the time to upload it in my multiply tho coz i still have to sort them out.

since i dont have any shows yet, ill try to upload more pics in my multiply while finishing stephanie meyer's twilight. ill also have to concentrate on making my business work and try to think of more things to keep me occupied while work is slow. im happy that my year was full of adventures, surprises, work and travels around the philippines. time flies by so fast that i need to document everything that happens to me so those memories will remain forever (or as long as blogger is up :D )


Junie said...

Were you able to remove the trojan? Let me know if you need assistance. >:)

Paulette said...

no... yes i do pls! ive been trying to figure it out but most of the programs that i download to remove the virus needs pass keys. i didnt want to pay for something that i will just use once. thanks junie!

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