Monday, December 29, 2008

Game ka na ba?

i watch this tv game show daily and i try to answer the questions like i was one of the players. luckily i am able to answer most of the questions soo i guess i have a pretty good chance of winning if i join. ive been wondering how i could join the contest so i gooogled it and here's how:

How to join Game Ka Na Ba?

Just Text

GKNB STUDIO Name, Age, Address

Send to 2331 Globe, Touch Mobile, Sun Cellular
Send to 231 Smart, Talk N’ Text, Addict Mobile

Example: GKNB STUDIO Juan dela Cruz, 25, JP Rizal St. Marikina City

Deal or No Deal

Just text:

DEAL Name/age/gender/address/landline number

DEAL Juan dela Cruz/25/M/980 Masipag St. Pasig City/024441234

Send to:
2331 - Globe/Sun/Touch Mobile
231 - Smart/Talk & Text/Addict Mobile


Raft3r said...

kamusta na?

please celebrate with us
as the deadbeat club turns one

see ya around!

Paulette said...

sure thing dude :D thanks for visiting ;)

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