Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Divisor.I.A Day!

i really enjoy shopping in divisoria.. i already went there last sept and did Christmas shopping for my cousins. i wanted to go there early so that there will be less people than if we go there during the Christmas season. i was able to get finish christmas shopping for my cousins and im sure that they all had fun coz they got clothes, accessories and stuff. i was able to get a few things for me too which was cool but the best part was that i enjoyed shopping with my cousins and i everything that i spent for them was all worth it. after all christmas is the season for giving ;)

i went back to divisoria today with my mom and eric because i had to buy the materials i needed for my "new business"( hehehe... yeah well ive actually been thinking about putting up my own business.) and eric had to buy stuff for his staff (hihih stuff for staff!) my mom wanted to buy more christmas decors for the house so we all had a reason to go there even if we know that its going to be real crowded.

our trip was fun.. i enjoyed canvassing different kinds of materials for my shoebags and choosing different colors and fabrics that will make up the first batch of my merchandise. my mom helped eric chose shirts and bags for his staff. i was so thankful that it didnt rain but nevertheless we were not able to carry all our shopping bags back to the car so we had to take the "pedicab" back to the parking lot..

we stopped by Harbor View to grab something to eat because i was too hungry to continue driving. both my mom and eric wanted to eat something too though they wer not as hungry as me hehehe.. when we got home we checked out the stuff that i got and my mom was so excited that she hung all the christmas decors that she got from divisoria. eric took a short nap at the sofa while i tried to help violah fix the internet. when eric woke up i took him home and we watched tv while playing poker on facebook. i didnt stay long coz we were both tired and we needed to rest plus i have a show on wed so i had to go home right away...

i took pics of some of the stuff that i got for my cousins.. its obvious in the pictures that they liked my early christmas gift for them..

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