Monday, August 18, 2008

Paquito Diaz tribute..

i was sick so i had to stay at home the whole day.. i couldnt blog anything serious and my head will ache if i try to edit our siargao pics so i just ended up surfing the net and watching videos from you tube.

i like to watch this local tv show "wish ko lang" so i checked out the videos that they have on you tube.. then i saw this episode about Mr. Paquito Diaz. he was such a great actor.. he was actualy one of the greatest villains in the philippine movies. i would actually get mad at him, because he was so good at his roles, that makes his portrayal of the villain seem so real. thats how goood Paquito Diaz is as an actor!

after watching the videos i hardly recognized him.. he looked so frail and old.. i actually cried while watching some parts of the video.. i think he deserves more than just a tribute from a local show.. i think he deserves to be acknowledged by the philippine movie industry and given awards for all his achievements as an actor.

again i must say, life is too short.. one day you're doing lots of things in your life and the next day youre old and dying.. its just so sad that when someone passes to the next life people that remain here on earth tend to forget.. i just hope that when Pacquito Diaz dies his lifetime achievements will not be forgotten..

part 1

part 2..

part 3..


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