Friday, August 22, 2008

Bora Blessing

our place in boracay (well the newest addition to our small business) was completed 2nd week of Aug so my parents decided to have it blessed right away to drive away possible evil spirits and welcome the blessings of the lord. i was not there because i was still in Siargao that weekend and my dad didnt want to postpone it for anything so they pushed thru and my mom was the one who took the pics..

it started with the mass.. then the ceremony.. the tossing of the coins for added blessing (one of those traditional things that we do during blessings) then the blessing of the food before eating it... (i just based this on my past blessing experiences and from the pics that my mom and cousin took. hehe) there wasnt much people in the pics yet coz the ceremonies started early..


Raft3r said...

i love bora!!!

can we stay at your place next time?

discount! discount!

Paulette said...

sureness!!! just let me know agad... kasi limited slots lang yan ha.. kasi for monthly rental yon nasa pics..parang apartment style.. yung for daily rental namin 2 rooms lang hehehe.

the donG said...

wow! ill be in boracay by the last week of september. what resort is this?

Paulette said...

hindi po resort... private compound lang :D

Raft3r said...

i will, i will
excited na ko bumalik bora
i haven't gone this year, eh
huli ko jul07 pa

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