Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naga Adventure

last july 18-20 i went to Naga with my boyfriend to attend his Philippine Councilors League Convention.. the first day that we were there he had several meetings and stuff to do so i just stayed inside the hotel room and decided to rest since i was really tired the week before because i had work.. after all his work was done we had dinner in this nice resto ("asia") which served bicolano specialties and other asian dishes. after dinner we just stayed there and have a few rounds of wengweng and margarita.. the drinks that we had were enough to send us to bed so we were not able to go dancing anymore

the next day it was raining so hard so we had to stay in the hotel the whole morning and we decided to stay there until the rain stopped.. we had lunch in the sorta mall in front of our hotel and had coffee there while planning what to do.. when we got back to the hotel, we checked if there were any shuttle going to CWC so we can just ride there.. other councilors were going to the same place so we shared the van with them since it was owned by the PCL.. it was still drizzling when we left the hotel and the other councilors wanted to check out this basilica so we all decided to stop there for a while to pray, take pics and buy souvenirs..

..when the skies finally cleared up we went straight to CWC ( Camarines sur Watersports Complex ) . At last!! i was so excited to try wakeboarding!! but when i saw all those people who looked so professional i got nervous,, hahaha! i didnt want to look like a fool in front of them but what the heck! i dont care! i was finally there so i went on and changed to my swim suit! well my first attempt wasnt so successful.. i was coined by my bf as "drop dead gorgeous" because i fell face first on the water haha! my second attempt was better but i fell again because my board started to jump wildly on the water.. my third was great because i was able to go around the track times until i eventually gave up and let go of the line.. my arms were sore and my hands had blisters.. so i rested for a while before trying again.. we finished around 8pm already so we decided to go back to the hotel to rest..

we had dinner first then we hanged out with his fellow councilors had a few drinks and chatted with them for a while..they were talking about politics (i couldnt relate.. so i just listened to whatever they were talking about and just smiled whenever some of them would look at me.. i didnt want to look stupid tho so i just nodded in agreement whenever i understood something) it was already getting late and were both so tired but it was a saturday night and i wanted to go out! well most of them were alredy "mature" so they opted to just stay there and talk while "the younger ones" wanted to go out and check the clubbing scene..

there was only one place that caught my attention.. the sounds the dj played was like the ones embassy but then when we checked out the place it was "PACKED!" the people were all sweaty and sticky because the air conditioning couldnt handle the enormous crowd.. so eric and i just walked along the road but then the other clubs were not as nice as the one we first saw.. so we just went back to the hotel and rest..

i woke up early.. i wanted to go back to CWC and wakeboard again before coming home.. our flight was at 2pm so we still had the time to wakeboard.. but then my body wont allow me.. my entire body was sore, my hands were still red and swollen and my legs were full of bruises.. so eric just laughed at me when i suggested that we go back to cwc and wakeboard again.. he insisted that we go back to sleep and just wakeup before lunch so we could get ready for our flight later that afternoon..

on the plane to NAGA

welcome to NAGA!

dinner at Asia restaurant

at the Basilica Minore

we were sooooo excited!!!! FUN!!!

my turn!

eric's turn!

after wake boarding...

bye bye NAGA... we'll be back!!


Johnny Ong said...

always believed that u shld go for what u liked instead of doing what people think u shld be doing.

if u had taken into consideration of people's reaction towards yr 'stunt', you would have missed all the fun.

i do crazy things as well and i enjoyed my life thus far. no regrets!

and keep up yr dreams, big or small.

Hannah said...

It looks like you two had a load of fun! I don't think I'd ever be able to wakeboard! I would definitely end up face first in the water, too. lol.

the donG said...

wow! looks like you had a blast! very cool sports. never tried it yet.

Paulette said...

johnny >> yeah.. i actually am hard headed so i do stuff that may seem crazy to other people as long as im sure that im not doing anything wrong :)

hannah > yeah we did! hihih! its okay to fall at first but then as soon as you get to do it youll feel this certain kind of accomplishment inside :D

the dong >> if you want adrenalin rush then you should try this! :D

Retro Manila said...

Oh I love Bicol.

My dad's from Legaspi but I've only been there a few times.

Thanks for sharing the wakeboarding pics.

acey said...

what a beautiful couple!

na-inggit ako sa adventure! :D

Paulette said...

retro >> yeah super nice doon. i want to explore bicol more..

acey >> hihi! do that din with your bf! fun sobra!

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