Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My new hobby

I've been in front of the computer for hours now playing with Adobe lightroom. I'm into photography now and i take pictures of the places i go to, my dogs, my loved ones and anything that catches the corner of my eye.. so i edited some of my pics and im so proud to post it here..


Raft3r said...

pretty nice work!

thanks 4 visiting The Deadbeat Club

care to exchange links?

once you added mine in your blogroll, please lemme know so I can return the favor ASAP

thanks again and hope to hear from you soon

greetings from Baltimore!

Paulette said...

sure ;) ill just have to fix my blog so i can put you in my links ;)

Raft3r said...

lemme know, alright

thanks again! take it easy.

Retro Manila said...

Oh I love the Petron Photo.

acey said...

the petron photo has a dramatic feel to it. nice.

the donG said...

i love the first photo in this set! very beautiful! i used to feature night shots here in my blog. that was the month of may.

i simply love night shots.

Paulette said...

retro & acey >> i was loading up some gas when i saw the jeep loading gas din.. tapos i just felt that i had to take that pic! and it turned out to be a nice pic ;)

dong>> really? yeah i loooove night shots too! its always full of drama

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