Monday, July 28, 2008

i just cant believe how time flies by so fast.. its been a year since i did my first show for FHM 100 sexiest.. well i'm not part of the 100 sexiest tho but we did the sponsors segment.. we wanted to make sure that we are not going to wear any lingerie or anything skimpier than cotton bra and panties..

last year we were all so scared on doing the show because we knew that those FHM shows were full of men waiting for women wearing almost nothing! we accepted the job because our friend is going to design the costumes that we are going to use for the show and our friend of course wouldnt want us to go out there with barely nothing on so we trusted our friend and we accepted the show. we only had one request.. we wanted to drink vodka or wine before the show so our knees wont go shaking while we walk down the ramp..

here are some of the pics last year..

2008 FHM 100 sexiest...

the show was faster than i had expected but it was all good because that means we dont have to stay there and wait for everybody to finish before we can come home.. the best part of this was working with my beloved friends.. i had fun! and partsy was able to watch too!

this is me... a glam rock chick

here are my friends melissa and angel.


Rowena said...

I always thought models must have one of the strongest nerves of steel to be able to walk down that ramp in front of a thousand eyes. It's those stiletto heels that amazes me. I always cringe when I see someone fall.

Now I can see why you would even admit to having a cast iron stomach in your comment. Either in a literal or figurative sense, I believe it on both accounts!

Paulette said...

hi rowena! thanks for passing by..

well we do have the strongest nerves of steel to be able to shashay down that runway in long gowns or ready-to-wear clothes but its also a different story if you're going to wear something sexy.

stiletto hells are easy to walk on specially when youre used to it. just like everything else that we do.. practice makes perfect ;)

Raft3r said...

marian's HOT!!!

i met her na
she went to my office
really nice girl

Raft3r said...

i doubt if she remembers me, though

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