Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bench Blackout

I'm really glad that the Bench Blackout show is over.. I've been trying my best to lose weight! hahaa! but it never happened so i had "love handles" during the show hehehe...

we had to go back several times to the bench office to fit the undies that were assigned to us. i was really happy that they didnt give me thongs hehe! but i had to wear 3 sets of undies so i was still overexposed. :D we had accessories to match the sets that we wore so in a way it diverted the attention away from our bare bodies.

we had several rehearsals too! we had 2 consecutive days of rehearsals in San Juan Gym and 1 night in araneta before the show plus the whole day before the show. i was actually tired from all the walking in the elevated ramp and from going up and down the steep stairs in 4 inch high heels. but its okay, the experience was fun and worthwhile.

i wasnt able to charge my cam so i only had a few pics:

pics that my friend glenn took..

thats me in the white top.. hihih!


the donG said...

congratulations! you really look good there.

Paulette said...

hehe! thanks dong! :D

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