Sunday, June 01, 2008

Almost done...

a week has passed since Philippine Fashion Week 2008 opened but i still have 2 shows left... the ready to wear collection and the closing show... i was able to finish5 shows already and one jager event last sat... my body is starting to feel the fatigue because ive been working everyday but its okay because i love what im doing and this only happens once a year so i might as well make the most out of it...

this year lots of new faces graced the runways of Philippine fashion week but i was happy to see that fashion week veterans like melissa frye, amy verbo, joy carralde, khaki delos santos and cal carries girls: michelle panemanglor, eri fukuda, chriscel agudo, etc.. tutay maristela and charo ronquillo came back to manila to do the fashion week so its like reuniting with them after almost a year of not seeing each other. the makeup artist and hairstylists, who i work with on a regular basis, are the ones responsible in making us look glamorous and/or scary (lol.. my cousin told me that couture hair and makeup is scary) there were also the dressers who helped us in changing our clothes, shoes and accessories. i only see them once a year and i'm so glad that they still remember me tho i dont remember some of them anymore. its like that when you work with lots of people its hard to remember all thier names but you will definitely remember thier faces.

since some of the shows was not that hectic as the other shows, i was able to take pictures backstage with friends..

James Zablan, Melissa Frye, Amy Verbo, Tutay Maristela, Lotus van Heddegem and me :)

getting wacky before the show starts...

after dressing up...

amy, melissa and me with our dressers

us again...

me, melissa frye, amy verbo and sam lewis in Odelon Simpao

lining up at the back waiting for my turn..

with charo ronquillo in Manelle Chamian

amy, melissa and me in Manelle chamian

melissa frye, amy verbo, me and cathy untalan with Arnold Galang

me amd my best friends looking like ghosts! haha!

with Yako Reyes (baggets) and Ziggy Savella's sister

with Melissa Frye's mom and bro Allen

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