Monday, September 03, 2007


ive been here for three days now.. we havent started with work yet but i'm getting there.. weve been busy with orientation, fitting of uniforms, filling up of forms and stuff like that.. this is just the real thing.. i am excited and scared in a way coz there's really no turning back and i'm going to start a new phse in my life. its not like ive never worked before but this is all so different..

i like it here.. we have a really nice dorm with very good facilities... we have a common area with gym equipments and internet lounge where i'm blogging right now.. the unit is really nice.. we have our own kitchen, toilet and bath and mini sala so its really nice and cozy. we also have our own set of appliances per unit so we didnt have to buy anything.. i know im guna like it here.. im guna learn lotsa stuff.. i love it!

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