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Hi paui

As water inexorably flows down the mountains, into the
streams and rivers, and then out to the seas and oceans,
this ever-flowing element of nature is often associated
with peace and tranquility.


The Temperance card can represent the peace and tranquility
we feel when our life is flowing calmly and happily in the
right direction. However, it can often represent a time
where we need to balance logic and reason against strife
and struggle in order to salvage some harmony in troubled

It is your ability to weigh right from wrong, to balance
good against bad and to manage the volatile factors in your
life that determines how easily you can feel a sense of
balance and harmony in your life when the going is tough.
>>> yeah i guess i haev to exercise this ability more often... most of the time i just let things pass hoping that thing will get better... but i am wrong... always wrong... things never do get better unless you do something... i know ive been watching too much "telenovelas and sappy movies" that i end up thinking like the characters in those stories..

When the Temperance card appears in your reading, it can
imply that if you have been suffering a challenging time,
happier and more harmonious times lay ahead. Peace can be
restored and you will regain a tranquil normality to your
life again.
>>> yeah thats true, this month has been really challenging for me... i really hope that peace be may be restored in my life and that there will be happier times to come ahead.. Canada here we come!!

It can suggest that a greater sense of self-control is
required for you to cope with changing circumstances. And
for those who are suffering because of alcoholism, this
card is a sign that temperance and sobriety is needed.
>>> well i'm happy to say that i have been sober for a month now ;D.. yeah i know its not by choice but i have to be sober or else... in a way i am happy that i am not allowed to drink coz i dont know what will happen to me if i dont stop drinking.. i dont really consider myself an alcoholic because i can still do stuff even if i am sober.. its just that sometimes my body sorta craves for that light feeling that alcohol gives me..

The Temperance card is about moderation, going with the
flow and looking for solutions that will put an end to
conflicts and troubles, like pouring water over a fire to
put it out. The gentle flow of water can corrode giant
rocks in its path. Likewise patience and gentle persistence
can help us all to work through or around obstacles and
challenges in our path.
>>> i think its just about time to incorporate this in my life.. ive never really been a patient person.. ive always wanted to get things fast.. maybe that is one of those things that i have learned throughout my younger years because ive always gotten things the "paulette way"... i wasnt used to waiting for things to happen because for some strange reason things do happen the way i wanted it to.. ive been really blessed with my life but i have to learn how "not to abuse" this blessing... now i have to be more patient so dont end up losing everyone and everything that i have...

This card can also signify that spirituality may provide
comfort at a particularly difficult time, and when this
card appears in your reading, you can be sure that someone
out there is looking after you.
>>> im so glad that there are always people who is looking after me... my parents, specially my mom, who is ever so supportive of everything that i do... my best friend who's also always there for me even if most of the time he doesn't approve of my actions.. my gay friends who never failed to make me happy specially on those times that i feel so depressed.. my girlfriends who would keep me busy and tell me that i am not alone in this pain, that they too share the same feelings and they too cross the wild river that i am crossing... its actually more fun when you share the same experiences with your girlfriends coz you get to learn from each other and you get to try things that you cannot do alone.. and of course there is GOD who never left my side and who is constantly taking good care of me... thank you lord... amen!

Love and Joy,

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