Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Silver Surfer!!!

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

i just watched it amy, paul, aze and karen.. i must admit, i am not huge fan of Fantastic 4 and i have never even seen any of their movies much less read their comic books.. but since all my friends wanted me to come with them and my mom allowed me to stay out late (yeah i know i'm already old! but what can i do? i'm still staying with them.. the least i can do is follow their rules and show some respect right? right!) so there i didnt have any choice but to go.. i was kind of down for the past weeks so they all wanted to cheer me up (yeah i know! they're so sweet! they want to cheep up poor ol' me haha! ) .. the movie started at around 9:00pm, we got fruit shakes (mine was strawberry and mango! wee! yummy!) amy brought a bag of Ruffles so we didnt bother buying popcorn anymore ( the way, thanks for the shake kamote! ).. i asked karen if i would understand this movie even if i wasn't able to watch the first one and when she said yes.. i was finally happy... (yeah right!) ... (Har har!.. i know im bein' schizo again! har har!)

the movie was really nice and funny too.. it was about love, not just any ordinary love but "selfless love"

.. the kind of love between Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman.. (Haiz if i could only have my own Mr. Fantastic - minus the annoying pda of course! .. i'd be the happiest girl alive! not that i'm not happy with my life in general but i want someone who can sweep me off my feet! nax! hahaha!)

ahhh love.... look at the way they stare at each other....

thier wedding... she is smokin' and he is so hot!
(i wish i could be just like her when its time for me to face the altar..)

.. the kind of love that Silver Surfer has for his loved one and everybody in his planet.. plus Silver surfer is soo hot! haha! after the movie we were like "silver surfer is soooo hot! i love his bod! that's like my ideal body structure.. he's like my ideal guy!! " (sounds patethic i know but its soooo true! i would definitely love a guy with a body like that! yum!)

Silver Surfer's Front and Back View

here's how he looks like! see that abs? see???? see????
loves it!

close up..

and stan lee in cameo role.. this is funny! he wasnt allowed to enter the wedding venue..
he told the doorman " pls check my name on the guest list, its stan lee"
but still the doorman wouldnt allow him to enter heheh!

in short i had fun... i like the movie and was able to stay out late... we were planning to clubbing but my mom wanted me to go straight home coz my dad is kinda drunk! ( grrrrhhhh... my mind was so made up to partying and dancing all night!) so in other words, i had no choice but to go home.. i was so disappointed that i wasn't able to go out coz i know i needed that ( unwind of course! and not for anything else.. hahaha! you know how stressful it is at home when my dad is there) so as early as tomorrow i'm going to tell them that i'll go out on saturday with all my gay friends! harharhar!!!! Goodnight!

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